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I'm happy when life's good, and when it's bad I cry.

I've got values but I don't know how or why.

—"The Seeker"

I am an aspiring singer and humorist, with a day job in the Information Technology field.

In the future, at a point when you are not expecting it, I may rock you.

None of my edits have been made using bots. A small number have been made with scripts such as navigation popups, MOSNUM dates, and date abbreviations.

My works[edit]

A Vandal's History of Everything - humorous narratives I've assembled from the many nonconstructive edits which have been made to Wikipedia articles over the years (contains NSFW language)

My comic at stripcreator - a silly webcomic, using canned graphics to compensate for my utter inability to draw

Mashups at SingSnap - listen to me sing mixed-up versions of various songs

Paneclecticon - my Tumblr, containing links to new content from the sites above, as well as random thoughts and links

Articles created[edit]


If you are a native Spanish speaker, please check my work.


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