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I have been editing Wikipedia since 2004. I may still make the occasional contribution when the desires strikes me, and if I see a bit of vandalism I'll revert it, but by and large I am not a very active contributor any more. I should probably retire, but I'm not disciplined enough. Anyway, if you see something that needs improving in an article I last worked on ten years ago, don't notify me. Just do it. If I added an image that complied with policy at the time I added it but doesn't now because policy has changed, find a better one yourself and leave me out of it. Basically, just because I was motivated to contribute to that article at one point, that doesn't mean I have any obligation to improve it to your satisfaction now. Contributing to Wikipedia is entirely voluntary. I decide what, if anything, I do here. You don't. If you think work needs done, do it yourself. Thank you.