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This is a listing of criminal groups and associations, the primary purpose of which is to generate income through illegal means. It does not cover groups that primarily engage in such activity for funding political and/or military objectives (such as terrorist organizations), or groups which have been accused (or have had members accused) of such activity but are not inherently criminal in their nature (such as motorcycle clubs or Chinese-American Tongs).

Drug cartels[edit]

Latin American drug cartels[edit]

Asian drug cartels[edit]

Italian organized crime[edit]

American Mafia[edit]

Active crime families[edit]


Canadian mafia families[edit]

Irish mob[edit]

Non-Italian, American crime syndicates[edit]

Russian mafiya[edit]

Balkan organized crime[edit]

British crime 'firms'[edit]

Other European crime syndicates[edit]

Yakuza organizations[edit]

Triads and other Chinese gangs[edit]

Middle Eastern organized crime[edit]

Other Asian organized crime[edit]

Other crime syndicates[edit]

Prison gangs[edit]



American street gangs[edit]





Non-American street gangs[edit]

Cybercrime groups[edit]

Drug & smuggling rings[edit]


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