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Nicky456 (talk · contribs)


The only means (I want) of contacting me is via Wikipedia

  • I can speak and write in both English and Chinese.

I am Nicky456. Im still new here, but Im now surfacing around new korean bands pages that I has got interest in.

Crystal Clear app icons.png My real life interests[edit]

  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Dancing
  • Lurking around in forums of K-pop

Crystal Clear app package settings.png Major (series of) edits[edit]

I guess I've edited a lot of pages, but the ones that Im doing quite a lot of work is:

There are honestly more, but those are not a interest for me to stalk after. Find me on twitter ^-^? @Xuelingbreath

Crystal Clear app kivio.png Things to do[edit]

  • Improve articles related to K-Pop