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System-users.svg This user previously edited as HanzoHattori.
Million award logo.svg This user won the Quarter Million Award for bringing Kony 2012 to Good Article status.

(most content written/rewritten, article created/recreated)

Substantial post-award cleanup/rewrites:


I like turtles[edit]

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
For your fantastic efforts to get Kony 2012 to "Did You Know?" status. Keep up the great work! :). Ironholds (talk) 16:57, 28 April 2012 (UTC)
CopyeditorStar7.PNG The Copyeditor's Barnstar
The several hundred small edits you made to Kony 2012 over the past few months has dramatically improved both the layout and the flow of the article. Thanks for all your hard work. SilverserenC 07:48, 29 April 2012 (UTC)
Working Man's Barnstar Hires.png The Working Wikipedian's Barnstar
For your constant vandalism reverts and vast number of edits and cleanup. It's definitely appreciated! CyanGardevoir (used EDIT!) 11:03, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
GoodArticleCreatorBarnstar.svg The Good Article Barnstar
Thank you for your many creations and tireless edits to allow articles to become nominated as Good Article! Work on Nominator! GoShow (............................)
The Video game Barnstar

For doing so much work on video game articles. §haun 9∞76 17:59, 24 December 2012 (UTC)

GA barnstar.png The Good Article Barnstar
For your efforts to bring Kony 2012 to Good Article status. Keep up the good work! Khazar2 (talk) 14:49, 5 January 2013 (UTC)
Copyeditor Barnstar Hires.png The Copyeditor's Barnstar
Thanks for your work over on Queen Grimhilde Tiggerjay (talk) 01:40, 27 January 2013 (UTC)
GA barnstar.png The Good Article Barnstar
For your contributions to bring Mortal Kombat (2011 video game) to Good Article status. Thanks, and keep up the good work! -- Khazar2 (talk) 15:15, 26 February 2013 (UTC)
Editors Barnstar.png The Editor's Barnstar
For your work at The Punisher (1993 video game). Freikorp (talk) 02:54, 3 October 2014 (UTC)