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Niffweed17 is a semi-regular user of Wikipedia. His editing mainly is restrained to making minor edits on unknown pages, or to improving pages on subjects he knows a good deal about. He also may be observed patrolling recent changes, judging articles for deletion, and doing other general work pertaining to the structure of Wikipedia. He takes advantage of many of the services provided by Wikipedia in order to assist him in completing his education. Niffweed17 lives in New York City, New York, and attends Stuyvesant High School. He enjoys baseball, football (american), video games, playing his trumpet, and jazz.

Niffweed17 has an account on the Spanish Wikipedia, which has some worthless userboxes which you can view here

You may also read his userpage on Wikisocion, a Socionics wiki.

You may view poor photographs of Niffweed17 here and here.

You may read the Wikipedia Signpost on Niffweed17's userspace, if you really want to, here.

You may view the random words that Niffweed17 does not understand, previously featured on this page, here.

You may view an anti-deletionist plea, a disgrace of an essay, written by Niffweed17 here.

NOTE: Niffweed17 feels that MBTI classificiation is not sufficient to describe his personality, which lies somewhere between INTP and INTJ. Nonetheless, he has included the INTP userbox because he feels it describes him more accurately. More accurate, alternate diagnoses include Socionics ILI, Enneagram 5w6

Niffweed17's endless horde of userboxes.[edit]

Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
OThis user's favorite color is orange.
Red onion centered.jpgThis user's news source is The Onion.
Vista-fedora.pngThis user knows where in the world Carmen Sandiego is.
CNThis user's alignment is Chaotic Neutral: the "Free Spirit."
Fortune cookie.pngThis user is being held hostage in a fortune cookie factory! Help! Ooooh.. here's a good one! Confucius says you will be held hostage in a fortune cookie factory.
Wikisphere assimilated.jpgThis user has been assimilated. Resistance is futile.
Unbalanced scales.svgThis alleged user can be said to maintain a policy or other custom of neutrality or other ambiguity-related quality on some or all issues that may be potentially controversial to some alleged people.
Jacques-Louis David 007.jpgThis user is not and has never been Napoleon.
... This user may get around to being a professional procrastinator. Someday. Maybe.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user plays with a full deck.
This user is the man now, dog.
Mad scientist.svgThis user is a mad scientist.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user is from Earth.
SCI FIThis user loves Science Fiction
DS9 This user believes that Deep Space Nine was the best incarnation of Star Trek.
This user is made out of Carbon.
R This user is a Ravenclaw.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Face-glasses.svgThis user is short-sighted.
Earth Western Hemisphere.jpgThis user realizes that the Earth isn't an oblate spheroid, but rather a close approximation of one.
Crystal128-blockdevice.svgThis user likes to use redundant userboxes that are redundant.
This user is greater than the sum of his or her userboxes.

Nuvola apps cookie.svg This user was born on February 3.
@This user can be reached by email at
Y!This user uses Yahoo! Mail as a primary email service.
KopeteThis user uses Kopete to chat on IRC and other networks.
YouTube full-color icon (2017).svgThis user has an account on YouTube as Niffweed17.
Y!This user's Yahoo! Messenger screename is Niffweed17.
Crystal 128 aim.pngThis user's AOL Instant Messenger screenname is NiffweedXVII.
134 ubxsThis user has 134 userboxes.
ENDThis user has no more userboxes.
ILI This user is ILI in the personality system socionics.
E5This user is an Enneagram Type 5
PD-icon.svgThis user is against DRM.
libThis user is a liberal.
This user supports the Democratic Party of the United States.
GPUSThis user supports the Green Party of the United States.
Maple leaf -- NDP.svgThis user supports the New Democratic Party.
No smoking symbol.svgThis user does not appreciate tobacco smoke.
Leaf 1 web.jpg This user is an environmentalist.
Aiga railtransportation 25.svgThis user supports public transit.
Muehle Marzahn2.JPG This user supports the use of wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles.
Recycle001.svgThis user supports recycling.
Dahlia.jpg This user supports the conservation movement.
ST-3-bud.jpg This user is against the War on Drugs.
1933-may-10-berlin-book-burning.JPG This user finds censorship offensive.
A coloured voting box.svg This user does not trust electronic voting machines.
PC This user is pro-choice.
Camouflage.svgThis user is against involuntary military service.
FAUX This user knows that FOX News is not Fair or Balanced.
X This user does not believe in the existence of human races, except as a social construct. X
Flag of Tibet.svg This user supports the independence of Tibet.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of church and state. ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
noth This user is a nontheist.
Yin yang.svgThis user is Pantheist and Daoist.
Albrecht Dürer Betende Hände.jpg
This user's spiritual beliefs
are complex and personal.
MonWheel.jpgThis user is interested in religion as an anthropological and historical phenomenon.
Lq-dna.png This user understands biological evolution.
FSM Logo white.svgThis user believes that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is as likely as creationism.
Neuro logo.pngThis user is skeptical of the Zodiac.
Simple Periodic Table Chart-en.svg This user has memorized the elements' names and symbols.
NYM This user is a New York Mets fan.
Baseball (crop).jpgThis user plays baseball.
NYJThis user is a fan of the
New York Jets
NYIThis user is a fan of the
New York Islanders
trpt-3This user is an advanced trumpet player.
Thomas Tallis.jpgThis user enjoys early music.
Stainer.jpgThis user enjoys classical music.
cRap This user can't stand rap music.
Jazzstubartwork.svgThis user enjoys jazz music.
Quater note on 2nd line.pngThis user knows basic
music theory.
Spoorbaan houten dwarsliggers alphen aan den rijn.jpgThis user is a railfan.
Applications-games.svgThis user enjoys playing hearts.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user enjoys playing bridge.
CIVThis user plays one or more versions of Civilization.
fan-2This user loves the computer or video game Madden.
fan-2This user loves the computer or video game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
fan-2This user loves the computer or video game Diablo II.
fan-2This user loves the computer or video game Civilization IV.
fan-2This user loves the computer or video game Heroes of Might and Magic III.
fan-3This user thinks that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the best computer or video game ever made.
Diff MThis user plays Video Games on Medium or the default difficulty.
Gamepad.svgThis user is addicted to video games.
Exquisite-kfm home.pngThis user prefers to play games on a PC.
Equation.pngThis user is an advanced mathematician.
This user can divide by zero.
EN-L-Xthis user consistently uses appropriate punctuation, grammar, and spelling. however, this user has apparently forgotten where the shift and caps lock keys are located on a standard keyboard, and therefore fails to capitalize anything.
,This user has no opinion about the serial comma.
to¦goThis user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
theyThis user considers singular they standard English usage.
…in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
who(m)This user uses either who or whom in the object case.
;This user is addicted to semicolons; he or she uses them frequently.
This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
es-3Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel avanzado de español.
ubx-5This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
Userbox prefer.svgThis user prefers using userboxes to fill up their user page instead of actually writing something useful.
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user's entire personality can be summed up in a few userboxes.
Small scream.pngThis user spends far too much time editing their user page.
WS This user contributes to The Socionics Workshop.
Computer n screen.svgThis user is interested in computer science.
osThis user uses an operating system.
NewTux.svgThis user contributes using Linux.
Ubuntu logo.This user contributes using Ubuntu.
Linux This user has loaded (Linux/Unix) on 3 computer(s).
Gnome footprint logo.This user contributes with GNOME.
Web-browser-openclipart.svgThis user is using a web browser.
This user contributes with gEdit.
Fx This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Swiftweasel.pngThis user contributes using Swiftweasel.
KTorrent icon.svgThis user uses KTorrent.
WINE-logoThis user knows that
WINE is Not an Emulator!
Nuvola-like mail internet.PNGThis user uses their web browser to read their emails.
IPThis user's IP is
Crystal Clear app display.png This user has his/her display resolution set to 1280×1024.
JavaThis user can program in Java.
Lambda lc.svgThis user can program in Scheme.
Google 2015 logo.svgThis user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
This user uses an AMD processor
nThis user uses a nVidia {{{1}}} graphics card in their PC.
Operation Upshot-Knothole - Badger 001.jpgThis user maintains a policy of mass annihilation for vandals
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
This user loves Recursion!
Flag of Acadia.svgThis user is of Acadian ancestry.
Flag of New York
Flag of New York City.svgThis user lives in, or hails from,
New York City.
StuyThis user is a Pegleg.
BThis user attends or attended
Brown University.
Noia 64 apps xclock.pngThis user's time zone is GMT-5.
This user's time zone depends on whenever they decide to get up today.
Sun01.svg This user prefers warm weather.