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Born (1987-10-22) October 22, 1987 (age 31)
England Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Current locationYorkshire Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
Education and employment
High schoolSwanwick Hall (1999-2004)
CollegeNCN Clarendon (2004-06)
UniversityHuddersfield (2006-09)
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BlogFinding the bomb
This Wikipedian was born on 24 October 1987 and is 31 years, 7 months, and 0 days old.
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To the right.


I'm currently studying Music Technology and Popular Music at the University of Huddersfield, which is where I currently reside! Previous to that I lived in the quiet district of Amber Valley, Derbyshire.

I play the guitar and harmonica, and can also just about sing, and am currently learning to play the piano/keyboard/synthesiser. I am in a band playing music of various rock subgenres. We don't have a Wikipedia page.

I'd also like to learn to play the violin, accordion and double bass.

I've been irreligious and a strong atheist since I can remember. Even so, I do take an interest in reading about religion.

I take interest in sports, mostly in the MLB, following the Seattle Mariners (on TV or the 'net, you understand!). I also enjoy the national sport of England, football, following Derby County and Huddersfield Town.

I'm slowly learning French, and I'd quite like to learn a Scandinavian language one day too!



I'm a member of the WikiProject albums, updating any information I can, as well as artist and song pages as well! (example!)


I'm a member of the WikiProject baseball, trying to update any Seattle Mariners pages whenever I have some time. (example!)


I'll edit any mistakes I see when doing general WikiBrowsing, but also concentrate on Huddersfield and Derbyshire related articles, more on the sport related articles.

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