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Since creating an account in September 2005, I've worked on a lot of things here. This lists of articles and images on this page are pretty close to comprehensive (though no guarantees). Feel free to browse through them, though they are mostly here for my convenience in finding them.

Of special note: I founded WikiProject Japan in March 2006 in order to help organize efforts to improve Japan-related articles. I also created the Speculative fiction portal as a way to encourage people to explore all the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related content we have on Wikipedia. Go and poke around there; you never know what you may find.

Articles I've created

Non-articles I've created

Articles mostly by me

Gallery of images

These are some of the images I've uploaded here. All of them were pictures taken by me other than the Baker art image and the pictures from space (never been there myself, but I think it would be nifty to go some day). I'll add more later, or you can view more by going here.

Hiding in the Haycocks (1881) by William Bliss Baker
Bingo Saijō Station building. 
Bingo Saijō Station looking toward Bingo Ochiai
Von Karman vortices formed by the peak of Mount Rishiri
Mount Fuji in winter. 
Mount Komaga, a volcano in Hokkaidō, Japan. 
Howard Tayler, author and artist, at CONduit 17 
Dan Willis, author, at Mountain-Con III 
Brandon Sanderson, author, at CONduit 17 
Kevin Wasden, artist, at CONduit 17 
L. E. Modesitt, Jr., author, at CONduit 17 
Newton Ewell, artist, at CONduit 17 
Eric James Stone, author, at CONduit 17 
Ann Chamberlin, author, at CONduit 17 
Anne Wingate, author, at CONduit 17 
Arthur Roberg, artist, at CONduit 17 
Dave Wolverton, author, at CONduit 17 
David Weber, author, and his wife Sharon at CONduit 17 
James Dashner, author, at CONduit 17 
Julie Wright, author, at CONduit 17 
Kathy Mar, filk singer, at CONduit 17 
Ken Rand, author, at CONduit 17 
Mette Ivie Harrison, author, at CONduit 17 
Robert J Defendi, author and game designer, at CONduit 17 
Landsat image of Utah Lake 

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