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The Maison Ikkoku CD Single Memorial File (めぞん一刻CDシングルメモリアル・ファイル, Mezon Ikkoku Shīdī Shinguru Memoriaru Fairu) is a compilation CD box set released on 11 July 1998 featuring all of the opening and ending theme songs from the anime TV series Maison Ikkoku, and the theme song from the Maison Ikkoku theatrical movie. This box set is one of only three Maison Ikkoku music collections containing the theme song Hidamari by Kōzō Murashita, so this set is considered more collectable as a result.

The Maison Ikkoku CD Single Memorial File is contained in a large LP-sized hard slipcase with two pull-out hardcover folders. The first contains nine of the 8 cm CD singles, and the second contains four CD singles along with an adapter for playing the 8 cm CDs in CD players which can only handle the standard 12 cm CDs (such as slot-drives for which the 8 cm CD single format is too small).