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"Be bold, and yet be bold,
But be not overbold
Although the knell be toll'd
Of the tyranny of old."
John Davidson

Hi, I'm Ninly ['nɪ], a/k/a Jason.

What I'm doing here[edit]

Most of my contributions run along editorial lines—copyediting and cleanup of spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and tone. I write, too, but mostly elsewhere.

Often I just fix whatever I feel could use improvement while using the encyclopedia for reference, but my contributions intermittently tend toward specific areas of interest. These include music theory and history; Buddhist philosophy, practice, history, and art; topics in religion more generally; the defense industry; computers and computer programming; and various technical and scientific fields. I've also helped to reorganize and improve articles pertinent to amateur radio. I am a member of WikiProjects Amateur Radio, Martial Arts, Buddhism, and Go.

Feel free to point me in the right direction if there's something I'm missing or don't seem to know about. Thanks!


Selected reading[edit]

Articles I have begun or rewritten[edit]

...and some nonarticles[edit]

Other significant contributions[edit]


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Name Jason
Born December 11
Poughkeepsie, New York
Country  USA
Current location Huntsville, Alabama
Family and friends
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Education and employment
Occupation Engineering (systems and test)
Education BA in Literature
High school Lakeland, FDR
College Purchase College
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ninly dot net

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