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I live in Europe.
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I live in France.
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I live in Colombes.
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I come from Midi-Pyrénées.
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I come from Cahors.
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Single user
and I'm looking for Love.
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I used to work on the French Wikipedia

Nuvola apps kwrite.png • Let me a message on my (French) user-talk page
Nuvola apps korn.png • Send me an electronic mail
Nuvola France flag.svg • This User's page on the French Wikipedia
Nuvola German flag.svg • This User's page on the German Wikipedia

Nuvola apps kopete.png I am...[edit]

I bring occasionally my contribution on Wiki, but I go gently (beginner).

Nuvola cake 5.png This user is born on the 20 may 1978.

Gnome-globe.svg I went there...[edit]

The voyages form youth! Although I like to remain at home, I travelled much for work (in 2006-2007). Here a nonexhaustive list of the cities which I know because I remained there of a few days to several weeks:

Europe :

North America :

My favorite sentence:
"The man is not made to work. The proof, it is
that that tires him." (Georges Courteline)

Nuvola apps ktip.png Ligths on...[edit]

My interest of the moment on french Wikipédia :

• Heraldic link
• Gaso : french coats of arms data base

Nuvola apps kbackgammon engine.png Useful tools[edit]

Template:Wikipédia:Requête aux administrateurs/Menu

Nuvola apps package editors.png Some Wiki contributes[edit]

My contributes : [Edits Count of Niouniou46] More details... (Main Edit)

Focus on:

  • Allagnonette, a small river (which my family name come from... Alagnou), my first contribute on french Wikipédia.
  • Trespoux, a village (where live my parents, and where I lived when I was a child : small contribute on village's history and village's name origin)
  • The GSM-R / GSM-R(Big informations add and structuring of the article: normal I work with it, and creation of the page of EIRENE project french article.
  • Coat of arms of the french city Colombes on Wikipedia Commons
  • of other to come... (I disperse a little, it is true)

Heraldic : Coats of arms I have made...

Blason Ville Cahors fr (Lot).svg Blason Ville Martel fr (Lot).svg Blason ville fr Luzech (Lot).svg Blason Ville Béduer fr (Lot).svg Blason Ville Lacapelle-Marival fr (Lot).svg

  • Les Hauts de Seine (France)(92):

Blason ville fr Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine).svg