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Articles to fix up:

Box - eek there's a loooot to do ;)
Nazism - remove second (incorrect) swastika and move first downwards.
Sex change - you what?

Articles I have fixed up to the best of my knowledge:

CD rot
Cage nut
Phenylacetic acid

Articles to work on:

Ryan Dusick - split
Elrey Jeppesen - create ;-) Nippoo its been created. Trothigar.

Useful pages:

Vandalism Warning Messages

The Best Cookies Ever[edit]

Copied shamelessly from User:Gilgamesh and kept here for quick reference

These cookies are compatible with the Word of Wisdom, as well as the Tôrāh; I can't vouch for Talmûdh kashrûth but it's probably compatible with that as well. But make no mistake — they are poisonous, so enjoy them in moderation. ^_^ The recipe can be halved or quartered. I encourage you to improve upon this recipe.

Combine ingredients in mixing bowl until homogeneous. Bake at 375-400°F (200°C) for 6-8 minutes. DO NOT OVERBAKE, or cookies will change flavor. Texture should be like hot mud — this is normal. Let cool on pan until solid enough to be moved without disintegration. Remove cookies to clean flat dry paper surface. Makes approximately 48 cookies in four batches, but they'll all probably vanish within 24 hours. :)

The cookie dough can be frozen for longterm storage and can be baked at any time in smaller batches, if desired.

Gilgamesh accepts no legal responsibility for diabetes or catastrophic blood sugar crash that these cookies may cause. :P