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The City Risesby Umberto Boccioni (1910)
Name Vincent Garton
Born (1992-08-30) August 30, 1992 (age 24)
Budapest, Hungary
Country United Kingdom
Languages Native: English, Hungarian
Advanced: German, French
Intermediate: Korean
Basic: Japanese, Italian
Education and employment
Occupation PhD student
Education BA (Politics and International Studies)
MPhil (Political Thought and Intellectual History)
High school Eton College
University Trinity College, Cambridge
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Website Cambridge profile
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Joined September 3, 2013
Signature Nizolan (talk)

I am currently on leave from Wikipedia until the end of May.

I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. My interests are mainly in political philosophy, intellectual history, and political history, though I'm also interested in social sciences and international relations. My particular specialism is the history and philosophy of leftist and rightist radical politics from the fin de siècle to the present day. I have also worked on the political and intellectual history of South Korea, particularly from 1961 to 1979 under Park Chung-hee, and early 20th-century Japanese political thought.

My current project is to build short, serviceable articles on members of the South Korean National Assembly.

Crystal Clear app ktip.png Tips and notices
  • While I mostly edit on political topics and current affairs, this is out of academic interest, not personal investment. If you believe any of my editing to be promoting an agenda, please assume good faith and ping me either here or on the relevant article's talk page so we can talk things through.
  • I do not use this username anywhere else online.

Mission statement[edit]

Wikipedia is one of the most important repositories of information in the world: for vast numbers of people, it is the first place they turn for information. This makes it all the more important to write balanced, neutral, encyclopedic, and verifiable articles, which successfully convey through both their content and presentation a proportionate and credible overview of their subjects. The most important task of Wikipedia is to accurately and adequately educate the reader in the material as it is covered in reliable sources.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia[edit]

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a forum or an academic journal. It reports the literature constituted by the reliable sources, and does not itself make determinations over the subjects it describes, whether through normative or descriptive judgements, beyond that literature.



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