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I'm interested in Articles that are in some way Information Technology or Computer Security-related, as well as things relating to Scotland (where I live), and some of my other interests, such as British History and Philosophy.

I browse the Recent Changes List fairly frequently and try to both identify sub-optimal edits and welcome new users. I have the odd strange article on my watch list thanks to the Recent Changes page - High School Musical is an example of this.

Recently I've been working on several articles relating to things in and around the Firth of Forth, such as Inchgarvie, Inchcolm, and Inchkeith islands, as well as having polished British anti-invasion preparations of World War II a little.

If I've made a change you don't like, or reverted/altered some of your content, please feel free to Talk to me - I won't bite! :)]

This is my To-Do list of articles that I think need creating or working on to some degree:

Duty-to-do List
IT Stuff
Other Stuff

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