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Today's motto...
The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.

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Images I have uploaded to Wikipedia.

Free License[edit]

These are images I created myself, most of them licensed under Creative Commons or released to public domain. Feel free to use them!



Madeira and Porto Santo Island[edit]

Graphics and Diagrams[edit]

Lab equipment[edit]

Other Images[edit]

Fair use[edit]

These are images that are copyrighted but their usage in the respective articles classifies as "Fair use" for the reasons specified in the image license tag.


Image:Uno draw two blue non english deck.jpg - UNO "draw two" blue card from a non-english deck.
Image:Uno reverse yellow non english deck.jpg - UNO "reverse" yellow card from a non-english deck.
Image:Uno skip green non english deck.jpg - UNO "skip" green card from a non-english deck.
Image:Uno wild non english deck.jpg - UNO "wild" card from a non-english deck.
Image:Uno wild draw four non english deck.jpg - UNO "wild draw four" card from a non-english deck.


Image:Lacostelogo.jpg - Lacoste.
Image:XviD logo.jpg - Xvid.
Image:Hi5 logo.gif - hi5.
Image:Element Logo.svg - Element Skateboards.
Image:Gameboy logo.svg - Game Boy.
Image:Gameboy micro logo.svg - Game Boy Micro.
Image:Gameboy advance logo.svg - Game Boy Advance.
Image:Billabong Logo.svg - Billabong.
Image:Timberland.svg - Timberland.
Image:Emerica Logo.svg - Emerica.
Image:Circa Logo.svg - C1RCA.
Image:DVS Shoe Logo.svg - DVS Shoe Company.
Image:COMSOL logo.png - COMSOL Multiphysics.
Image:Kukkiwon logo.png - Kukkiwon.

Other Images[edit]

Image:Joaogarcia.jpg - João Garcia.
Image:What do you care what other people think.jpg - "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" book cover.
Image:VariCAD screenshot.jpg - VariCAD screenshot.

Useful stuff[edit]

These are templates I placed here for helping my editing, and works I am currently developing for Wikipedia.

Citation templates
Infobox martial art (beta)

Image Self-made[edit]

|Description = [[Pottery]] making in [[Kathmandu]], [[Nepal]]
|Source = Self-made
|Date = 2005-12-09
|Author = Nuno Nogueira (~~~)
|Permission = {{self|cc-by-sa-2.5}}

Image Logo or other Fair Use[edit]

|Description = [[Game Boy Advance]] logo
|Source = {{Brands of the World SVG|25496}}
|Date = 2006-12-07
|Author = Nuno Nogueira (~~~)
|Permission = {{Non-free logo}}

{{Non-free media rationale
|Description = [[Game Boy Advance]] logo
|Source = {{Brands of the World SVG|25496}}
|Purpose=identification and critical commentary in the [[Game Boy Advance]] article
|Replaceability=no, it's a logo, therefore a free use alternative won't exist
|other_information=use in accordance with [[WP:LOGO|logo guideline]]

Image Superseded[edit]


Notes to myself[edit]

Pictures to add[edit]

Articles to edit[edit]