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Welcome Everyone[edit]

Hiyah everyWikipedians and welcome to my user page. If you wanna talk about corrections to things I've made contrabutions to please put it in my discussion page and I will consider them upon doing so. Anything personel or any kind of vandalism will instantly be deleted so don't waste yours or my time. If you feel like playing some games you can reach me at my gamer tag "NoGoodScoundrel". And please, be civil when playing with me and not some blunduring, pot smoking, complaining moron. Xbox Live has suffered enough.

List Of My 360 Games[edit]

  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
  • Project Gothem Racing 3
  • Guitar Hero 2
  • Guitar Hero 3
  • The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
  • Forza Motorsport 2
  • Dead Rising
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas
  • Two Worlds
  • Perfect Dark: Zero
  • Bioshock
  • Mass Effect
  • Rock Band
  • Army Of Two
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
  • Grand Theft Auto 4

Games I'm Going To Own[edit]

Fable 2, Too Human, Saints Row 2, Guitar Hero:World Tour, Tales Of Vesperia.

Personality Quirks
UBX This user hopes you read each and every one of his userboxes! or else...
Too many userboxes This user may have too many userboxes ... nah, no way!!
Face-grin.svg This user has a sense of humour and shows it through the use of userboxes.
Chucknorris ub.jpg Fact: There are no steroids in baseball. Only players Chuck Norris has breathed on.
8/10 8 out of 10 cats said, "This user is brilliant."
Donkey (Equus asinus) at Disney's Animal Kingdom (16-01-2005).jpg This user is a smartass; known for frequently making bad jokes, smartalec comments and having bad pickup lines and is proud of it!
SARC This user believes sarcasm is the highest form of wit.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Quality, not quantity. This user believes that a user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions to Wikipedia.
respect This user respects others' religions and realises not all people wish to follow the same path.
Unbalanced scales.svg This user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
Face-angel.svg This user assumes good faith.
Peace symbol.svg This user rejects any violence towards women. Pink ribbon.svg
This user is for racial equality.
Female.svgMale.svg This user supports gender equality.
Yin yang.svg This user accepts Karma.
Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 18 January 2018
Crystal Clear app aim3.png This user has no understanding of time and does everything at the last minute.
Crystal Clear app kalarm.svg This user loves deadlines. He or she loves the whooshing sound they make as they go by.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user recently discovered how to use userboxes.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user overuses userboxes.
Crystal package favourite.png This user was up all night finding userboxes and is now very drowsy.
Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG.jpg This user misses Pluto. May its planethood rest in peace.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
WPaskell,MountKearsargeinSpring(JJH-WFP301).jpg This user believes that
life is good.
Peace symbol.svg This user advocates pacifism.
Forest green ribbon.svg This user is not afraid of being wrong.
Indep home This user lives on his/her own.
Nuvola apps amor.svg This user wishes he had a girlfriend.
1+1=3 This user dislikes
narrow-minded behaviour.
360 This user plays the Xbox 360.
This user owns an Xbox 360 Elite.
This user plays on Xbox Live with the gamertag NoGoodScoundrel.
NYCS-bull-trans-G.svg This user's gamerscore is (14025).
+ This user plays retro games. Circle - black simple.svg Circle - black simple.svg
Eclipse This user plays Rock Band.
Expert This user plays Guitar Hero on expert.
Nuvola apps cookie.png This user has had cake.
TES IV This user is fanatical about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Warp pipe edited.PNG This user plays games in the Super Mario series.
PAINT! This user thinks Mario Paint is the best game ever.

SmashBall.png This user is a Super Smash Brother!
Triforce.svg This user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

(-o-) This user plays the Pokémon RPGs and other related video games.

User:BlastOButter42/Userboxes/User Sim

Avion.png This user has visited Rapture
This user plays the Jedi Knight series of games such as Jedi Outcast.
! This user plays the Metal Gear series.
Monkeyball.JPG This user plays games in the Super Monkey Ball series.
塊魂 Na na-na na-na na na na na Katamari Damacy!
Personal Intrests
Gamepad.svg This user is addicted to video games.
Lotus position.svg This user is interested in religion as a sociological and psychological phenomenon.
^_^ This user watches anime.
Bluelighs black.png This user is interested in The Jedi Order.
My ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.
Bat balloon.svg This user knows that criminals are a cowardly lot, and uses fear to fight injustice and those who would prey on the fearful...
Weather-clear-night.svg This user loves to walk by the moon.
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys chess.
Riskgame2.png This user plays Risk.
Riskgame2.png This user is attacking you with all three dice.
S1 This user is a Scrabble player.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
Cards This user enjoys playing Uno.
Anglo-American card suits.png This user plays with a full deck.
Personal Facts
ubx-5 This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
Flag of Italy.svg This user is of Italian ancestry.
cvg-4 This user is an expert gamer.

User:BlastOButter42/Userboxes/User Names

♂ This user is male.
gk This user is a geek.
Indiana flag icon.svg
Igloo icon.svg This user prefers cold weather.
Female.svgMale.svg This user identifies as straight.
Nuvola apps amor.svg This user is single.
C2H5OH-0 This user is a non-drinker.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Cannabis prohibited sign This user is drug-free.
Animal print T.jpg This user has brown hair.
B&w and colour eye.jpg This user has brown eyes.
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
:-] This user is polite.
:) This user is happy.
MeatSteakSmall.jpg This user is a carnivore.
Earthshine 2005-09-01.jpg This user is nocturnal. Square-townsend-fledermaus.jpg
Coke This user believes Pepsi is no match for Coke. Not even close. Pepsi
B This user loves the taste of BAWLS in their mouth.
Burger King Whopper Combo.jpg This user eats at Burger King.
Tacobellsunnyvale.jpg This user eats at Taco Bell.
French fries juliane kr r.svg This user eats at McDonald's
Supreme pizza.jpg This user is a Pizza Hutter.
Coca-Cola logo.svg
This user drinks Coca-Cola
Hamburger sandwich.jpg This user loves hamburgers.
Potato chips.jpg This user eats fries, or chips.
Spaghetti-prepared.jpg This user loves spaghetti.
Roast chicken.jpg This user eats chicken.
Pizza.svg This user loves to eat pizza.
NCI cream cheese bagel.jpg This user eats bagels.
Quesadilla.jpg This user eats quesadillas.

cRap This user can't stand rap music.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
Bellis perennis white (aka).jpg This user enjoys psychedelic rock.
Crystal alternative rock.png This user enjoys indie rock.
Conflict.jpg This user enjoys punk rock.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user likes alternative rock.
Smallmetalsign.png This user enjoys
heavy metal music.
Berzerk-mosht.jpg This user enjoys heavy metal music.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user enjoys pop music.
80s This user rocks out to totally rad 80s new wave music.
G This user feels good.
LB This user does not like Limp Bizkit.
TO This user is a fan of The Offspring.
Koebel.jpg This user advocates the use of more cowbell.
fan-2 This user likes R.E.M..
RHCP This user enjoys listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Fabs.JPG This user loves The Beatles.
Queen This user loves Queen!
Ohlookiebricks.jpg   All in all, this user's just another brick in The Wall.
Milvus migrans Kyoto 001 JPN.jpg This user is a fan of the Eagles.
W This user is a fan of Weezer.
The D This is not the greatest user in the world; this is just a tribute.
SK This user enjoys the works of Stephen King.
Pixar This user likes Pixar and their films.
This user has been spirited away.
Austin Powers logo.png This user is a fan of the Austin Powers film series. Yeah, baby, yeah!
PULP This user does not think Marsellus Wallace looks like a bitch.
007 This user likes martinis shaken, not stirred.
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
Cricket bat.svg This user has got red on him.
Blade Runner This user thinks Blade Runner is one of the best science fiction films ever made.
BluesBrothers.png This user is on a mission from God.
Stapler-swingline-red.jpg This user's got a case of the Mondays.
Clue This user killed Yvette. This user hated her... so... much... It- It... the f-- It... Flame... Flames. Flames... On the side of my face... Breathing... Breathle-- Heaving breaths... Heaving...
STAR WARS This user is a Star Wars fan.
American.b777.rearview.arp.750pix.jpg "Surely this user can't be serious?"
K-PAXian This user is from K-PAX and constantly wears sunglasses on Earth.
Back left.JPG This user had a flux capacitor seized by the FBI.
HDTV This user has a High-definition television (HDTV) set, and/or tuner box, to receive high-definition digital television.
~_~ This user is a definite fan of anime.
AMG This user is an Ah! My Goddess! fan.
This user has a Death Note and writes in it constantly.
死神 This user is a Soul Reaper.
PC This user has a persocom.
E 7 This user is a member of the Gekko State.
DP This user is a Kanto Desert mercenary
SC This user will take all you bitches on!
Dragonballstar.png This user is a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise.
Wikiball.svg This user is a Pokémon fan.
Cowboy Bebop intertitle.jpg This user is a Space Cowboy.
TZ This user was once trapped in
The Twilight Zone.
Scrubs This user enjoys watching Scrubs.
Harv This user believes that the law should only be practiced by avian/mammal hybrids.
fan-2 This user will watch Metalocalypse at every opportunity.
ATHF This user knows that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is #1 in the hood, G.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
DT This user lives in a house that is Drawn Together with love.
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
FR for Futurama Userbox.svg Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
This user killed Kenny. This user is a bastard.
SEIN This user is obsessed with Seinfeld... not that there's anything wrong with that!
Tom Servo.JPG This user is a captive on the Satellite of Love
? This user doesn't know Whose Line It Is.
Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svg This user is a fan of The Office.
H This user is addicted to Vicodin.
news The only reality show this user watches is the news.