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My Admin Policy: I trust that my fellow admins' actions are done for the good of Wikipedia. So if any of my admin actions are overturned I will not consider such an action to be a "Wheel War", but rather an attempt to improve Wikipedia. If I disagree with your action, I will try to discuss it with you or with the admin community, but I absolve you in advance of any presumption of acting improperly. We should all extend the same benefit of the doubt to our fellow admins, until they repeatedly prove that they are unworthy of such a presumption.

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This user is an administrator.

One month after joining Wikipedia I created an article about an obscure judge named John Roberts. Now that obscure judge is the Chief Justice of the United States. Note that Roberts was both nominated and confirmed for Chief Justice in the month of September, so it must be my lucky month. I have always been interested in the political and legal process of the United States and countries around the world, and the history of any time period or geographical location. In politics, my specific interests include judicial appointments, the electoral college and elections, presidents, political subdivisions, constitutions, laws controlling elections and nominations, political biographies, and so forth.

You are invited to edit this page and any of my subpages, if you are improving or updating them :-).

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I am just one small piece of the Wikipedia community, but all the small pieces keep Wikipedia together.

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John Roberts
John Roberts
Chief Justice
Chief Justice

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My To Do list is highly confidential. This link is to be used only by me.

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