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Here is some help in answering some of the optional questions that you may be asked:

1. What are the five pillars of Wikipedia and why are they important?
A. The original Wikipedia was a rectangular structure, significantly longer than it was wide. The 6 pillars were at the corners and at the center of the long sides. We lost the northwest pillar of the structure during the wheel war of 6 February 2006. It took months before stability returned to Wikipedia, with the construction of the new structure and the removal of the old one. As a result, the five pillars of Wikipedia that were left are now non-load bearing and mostly decorative, but they are important reminders of the hard times that we have gone through. (added by NoSeptember)

2. Why is wheel warring a bad idea and what steps should be taken to avoid it?
A. Wheels are round and can roll away. Using them as weapons is problematic since they could roll right back to us, harming us more than our opponents. Or else, they may just roll away and prove to be ineffective. We should always take steps to ensure that we have non-round weapons to use, so that we are not reduced to the very risky wheel warring tactic. (added by NoSeptember)

3. What is your interpretation of WP:IAR and WP:SNOW?
A. SNOW is a policy used when an article is 'snow good and everyone 'snows it. IAR is a sound made most commonly when engaging in the martial art of Karate, sometimes when chopping a block of balsa wood with your bare hands. Both strict policies are used when countering vandalism of non-wikipedia articles, like blogs, boards and other reliable sauces. (added by Bubba hotep)

4. Can you name at least one circumstance where it would be appropriate to semi-protect an article?
A. If someone was making any edits to it which you, personally, found offensive, annoying, or which you didn't think of first. Only for you to reinsert them at a later date. (added by Bubba hotep)

5. Have you been in any conflicts over editing in the past or have other users caused you stress? How have you dealt with it and how will you deal with it in the future?
A. I have had several conflicts with User:AntiVandalBot who seems to keep wanting to revert my edits, but it has always been resolved with civil and constructive discourse with the chap in question. (added by Bubba hotep)

6. What do you intend to do with the tools if you are presented with them should your request for adminship be passed?
A. I would build a cabinet and a set of chairs for the garden if I am encrusted with the tools. The mop I shall use to sweep cobwebs from my computer table, because, to be honest, I hardly ever use it anymore. (added by Bubba hotep)

Add your own questions and answers if you like, our candidates can use all the help they can get. (keep this line at the bottom)