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Die2Nite is a browser-based, multiplayer survival game created by Motion Twin and played in real time. The objective is to build a town to survive the longest during the assaults from hordes of zombies, which come in larger numbers each day at 23:00 server time.[1]


After a beta-test period, the original French version, Hordes, was officially released on July 15, 2008.[2] From December 1 to 3, 2008, the game experienced major server problems, which was later referred to as the “Armageddon” when all the towns were destroyed. The Armageddon was actually planned to bring the end of version 1 and the beginning of version 2[3] , which included new objects, new building sites and new gaming possibilities. The players who were around during the Armageddon received special distinctions for the game. The first version of Die2Nite, the official English version of the game, was released on December 1, 2010.[4]

An official Spanish version, titled Zombinoia, has also been released.[5]

Version History:[6]

  • 4.3- Villa Nostra
  • 4.2- Sleight of Hand
  • 4.1 - Insidious Bugs
  • 4.0 - Death Watch
  • 3.2 - Shamanic Monday
  • 3.1 - Going Underground
  • 2.0 - A Chemical Necromancy
  • 1.2 - Rise of the Labradoodle
  • 1.1 - Hang 'em high
  • 1.0 - Let's get it on!


Die2Nite is recommended for people 13 years of age or older.

The basic aspects of the game are free, but players can pay for advantages such as Hero Mode.[7] It is developed in HaXe.

It received a score of 16/20 on the French video game website Jeuxvideo [8] and 13/20 on[9] Quintin Smith gave a mostly positive review of the English Beta version on He said the "size of the playerbase is perfect" while noting that the fact that the town's gates can only be opened from the inside leaves "potential for passive-aggression".[10]


The game belongs to the survival horror and role-playing game genres. Although the main goal is the survival of the town and cooperation between the citizens, players can choose to follow their own path. There are various jobs to choose from, including; resident, scavenger, scout, guardian, survivalist, tamer, technician and shaman.[11] The player can also steal and be shunned from the town.[12] Like in Space Invaders, the invaders (in this case zombies) always win in the end. When signing up for the site, the player is asked “Are you ready to Die2Nite?”. The players’ achievements will earn them distinctions throughout the game. They cannot really win the game but they can win the rare “Last man Standing” distinction by being the last survivor in a town.[13] It is possible to acquire certain special distinctions (which are similar to achievements on other gaming platforms like Xbox), as well as accumulate soul points and Hero experience.[14] During the zombie attack on the city (between 23:00 and 00:00), a “camera” shows the zombies advancing toward the city, partially obscured in a cloud of dust. There is also a note below it that says: Hordes of zombies are attacking your town! They are everywhere, you hear citizens screaming in the night, the attackers clashing noisily against sheet metal… Hungry groaning from the starving masses… What’s going to become of it?! Are you going to die2nite?! This is followed by two choices that don’t affect the outcome of the game, such as “Hug your rucksack” or “Sing at the top of your voice, alone”.


Before joining a new town the player must create a soul, which will serve as their profile throughout the game.

There are two types of soul that can be played: Weak Spirit and Heroic Spirit. Hero mode can be obtained by paying for a subscription, by earning the “Last Man Standing” distinction, or by eating another citizen while transformed into a ghoul. If a Hero has the “Brothers in Arms” skill, they can gift another player with one day of Hero mode. Whether bought or earned, the Hero status is temporary. Heroes have advantages in the game, including the abilities to teleport from the desert back to the town, to find useful objects or to face several zombies at a time. The area outside of town, known as The World Beyond, is overrun by zombies.

After creating a soul, players are assigned to a random town, or, if they are Heroes, are able to choose where to be placed. Each town starts with 40 citizens, heroes or not. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible. In order to survive, unity and teamwork among citizens is necessary. Every night, at exactly 23:00 server time, the site becomes unavailable and the Attack of the Hordes begins[15].

The town’s citizens must make sure to close the Town Gates and to construct defenses to protect themselves from the hordes. Everything has a cost, and every action, such as opening or closing the Town Gates or moving around in the Desert, requires a certain number of AP (Action Points). The community aspect of Die2Nite is very important. Each town has a forum where the citizens discuss which construction sites to work on and how to manage resources, among other things.

Every night, the number of attacking hordes increases.

If any zombies manage to get past the town’s defenses, they randomly attack citizens and terrorize or kill them. A record of this will appear in the town’s gazette, The News Corpse, which players can read to stay updated on horde attacks and citizen deaths.

After the attack, between 00:45 and 01:15, the site reopens and the surviving citizens’ Action Points are replenished.

The town is considered devastated when it has been deserted (all surviving citizens are camping outside the walls or have been killed in town[16]. When everyone dies, the last citizen to perish receives the “Last Man Standing” distinction. The recipient of this distinction is either the very last victim or chosen randomly if all of the last citizens die at the same time. This distinction allows citizens to promote their soul to a Heroic Spirit for one or more days[17].

Once dead, each player can join a new, randomly chosen town with 39 other random players unless they have a Heroic Spirit, in which case they can choose a town (which is useful for being put in the same town as friends), join a town chosen by a member of their coalition or create a private town to play with friends only. The lifetime of a town can range between two days and more than a month depending on the skill of the players and their ability to work together. In 2011, the record to beat rose to 50 days because some players managed to exploit a bug that allowed citizens to become practically invincible (the bug is fixed now). Lasting for that amount of time seems to be impossible following an update that considerably increases the strength of attacks after the 28th day.[18].


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