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Noj_R's Interests
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I first started editing video game related articles on Wikipedia, but have recently become more interested in music related articles. I have had seven successful Good Article nominations.

Articles I maintain[edit]

These are articles I improved to GA quality and maintain. Articles with asterisks are ones I created, the others are rewrites.
Symbol support vote.svg The Chariot (band) before rewrite
Symbol support vote.svg Earthsuit before rewrite
Symbol support vote.svg Project 86 before rewrite
Symbol support vote.svg Romeo Void before rewrite
Featured article System Shock 2 before rewrite
Symbol support vote.svg Voices of the Lifestream*
Symbol support vote.svg Where You Go I Go Too*

Current projects[edit]

The Sundays -- I looooooooove the Sundays!

Future projects[edit]

I need to finish these:

Start-icon.svg Extol
Start-icon.svg Slowdive


BarnstarCVG.png VG Barnstar - given to me by Guyinblack25. Thank you.
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