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Thrown (film)[edit]

Directed by Justin Walker
Produced by Karen Seimears
Written by Jef Erwin
Starring Jef Erwin, Jay Wilkinson, Ben Warner, Stephen Rose, Sarah Wuest, Joey Erwin, Albert Sanchez
Cinematography Zack Richards
Distributed by Judah Films
Country United States
Language English
Budget $15,000.00
A Slate during production

Thrown is an independent feature length film directed by Justin Walker and written by Jef Erwin.


After a legal indiscretion and being kicked out of the police academy, Jack (Jef Erwin) plunges into an under cover operation during which, he and his new found friends, Travis (Jay Wilkinson), Jazz (Stephen Rose), and Clay (Albert Sanchez), discover the depth of small town drug use. The plot thickens when a drug deal between the drug lord (Sarah Wuest) and a distributer goes wrong. Jack's boss refuses to pull the plug until yet another death, this one hitting close to home.


Director - Justin Walker
Producer - Karen Seimears
Writer - Jef Erwin
Assistant Director - Jennifer Bryden
A Camera Operator - Zack Richards
Production Audio Mixer - Nic Neufeld
Script Supervisor - Bre Bonilla
Production Assistant - Danielle Malloch
Craft Services - Patrick Heaton
Gaffer - Daniel McGarvey [1]