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This list has been released as List of Ranunculus species. This table may no longer be up to date.

Ranunculus Species:[edit]

Genus & Species Common Names Native Range Illustration
Ranunculus abortivus Little-leaf buttercup,
Small-flower crowfoot,
Kidney-leaf buttercup,
Small-flowered buttercup
North America
Ranunculus aconitifolius Aconite-leaf buttercup Europe Ranunculus aconitifolius1.jpg
Ranunculus acraeus Cartman's buttercup New Zealand
Ranunculus acriformis Sharpleaf buttercup,
Autumn buttercup
North America
Ranunculus acris Meadow buttercup,
Tall buttercup
Temperate Eurasia Ranunculus acris1.jpg
Ranunculus alismifolius Plantainleaf buttercup Western North America Ranunculusalismifolius.jpg
Ranunculus alpestris Alpine buttercup Europe Ranunculus alpestris2.jpg
Ranunculus andersonii Anderson's buttercup Western United States
Ranunculus aquatilis Common water-crowfoot,
White water-crowfoot
North America
Ranunculus aquatilis bluete.jpeg
Ranunculus arvensis Corn buttercup,
Scratch bur
Europe Acker-Hahnenfuss-Blüte.jpg
Ranunculus asiaticus Persian buttercup,
Persian crowfoot,
Asian buttercup
Eastern Mediterranean region Ranunculus asiaticus4LEST.jpg
Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks buttercup,
Greenland buttercup
Northern Eurasia,
Ranunculus auricomus0.jpg
Ranunculus biternatus Antarctic buttercup
Ranunculus bonariensis Carter's buttercup Chile,
Central California
Ranunculus bulbosus St Anthony's turnip,
Bulbous buttercup
Europe Ranunculus bulbosus closeup.jpg
Ranunculus bullatus Autumn buttercup Mediterranean region Ranunculus bullatus.JPG
Ranunculus californicus California buttercup California Ranunculus-californicus2.jpg
Ranunculus canus Sacramento Valley buttercup California
Ranunculus carinthiacus Carinthian buttercup Europe Ranunculus carinthiacus 2.jpg
Ranunculus cassubicifolius Europe Ranunculus cassubicifolius 040508b.jpg
Ranunculus cassubicus Kashubian buttercup Eastern Europe Ranunculus cassubicus2.jpg
Ranunculus crassipes Subantarctic buttercup Subantarctic region
Ranunculus caucasicus Jaskier kaukaski Ranunculus caucasicus.jpg
Ranunculus circinatus Fan-leaved water-crowfoot Europe Ranunculus circinatus LC0114.jpg
Ranunculus cymbalaria Alkali buttercup,
Seaside buttercup
North America,
South America
Ranunculus eschscholtzii Eschscholtz's buttercup Western North America Ranunculus eschscholtzii 6244.JPG
Ranunculus fallax Europe Ranunculus fallax Kevätlehtoleinikki IM8885 C.JPG
Ranunculus fascicularis Early buttercup Eastern North America
Ranunculus ficaria Fig buttercup,
Lesser celandine
West Asia
Ficaria verna.jpg
Ranunculus flabellaris Yellow water buttercup North America Ranunculus flabellaris 1.jpg
Ranunculus flammula Lesser spearwort Boreal Kingdom Ranunculus flammula.jpeg
Ranunculus fluitans River water-crowfoot Europe Ranunculus fluitans.jpg
Ranunculus glaberrimus Sagebrush buttercup Interior western North America MDF Ranunculus glaberrimus 01.jpg
Ranunculus glacialis Glacier crowfoot,
Glacier buttercup
Arctic-alpine Europe,
Ranunculus glacialis (habitus).jpg
Ranunculus gormanii Gorman's buttercup Oregon,
Northern California
Ranunculus gramineus Grassy-leaved buttercup Southern Europe Ranunculus gramineus0.jpg
Ranunculus hebecarpus Delicate buttercup Western North America Ranunculushebecarpus.jpg
Ranunculus hederaceus Ivy-leaved Crowfoot Europe RanunculusHederaceus.jpg
Ranunculus hispidus Bristly buttercup,
Hispid buttercup,
Swamp buttercup
Eastern North America Swamp Buttercup (Ranunculus).jpg
Ranunculus hybridus Hybrid buttercup European Alps Ranunculus hybridus.jpg
Ranunculus hydrocharoides Frogbit buttercup,
Frog's bit buttercup
Western North America
Ranunculus jovis Utah buttercup Mountain west United States Ranunculusjovis.jpg
Ranunculus kadzusensis Maehwamarum,
Korean water crowfoot
Ranunculus lapponicus Lapland buttercup Arctic Ranunculus lapponicus.jpg
Ranunculus lingua Greater spearwort Eurasia Ranunculus lingua A.jpg
Ranunculus lobbii Lobb's buttercup,
Lobb's aquatic butterup
Western North America
Ranunculus longirostris Longbeak buttercup,
White water crowfoot
North America
Ranunculus lyallii Mount Cook Lily,
Mount Cook buttercup,
Mountain buttercup
New Zealand MtCookLily.jpg
Ranunculus macounii Macoun's buttercup North America Ranunculusmacounii.jpg
Ranunculus macrophyllus Large-leaf buttercup Europe Ranunculus macrophyllus.JPG
Ranunculus moseleyi Moseley's buttercup
Ranunculus muricatus Spinyfruit buttercup Europe
Ranunculus occidentalis Western buttercup Western North America Ranunculus occidentalis 39003.JPG
Ranunculus orthorhynchus Straightbeak buttercup Western North America
Ranunculus papulentus Large River buttercup Southeastern Australia
Ranunculus parviflorus Smallflower buttercup Europe Nsr-slika-035.png
Ranunculus peltatus Pond water crowfoot Europe,
Southwestern Asia,
Northern Africa
Ranunculus platanifolius Large white buttercup
Ranunculus populago Popular buttercup,
Mountain Buttercup
Pacific Northwest United States
Ranunculus pusillus Low spearwort Eastern United States Ranunculus pusillus NRCS-1.jpg
Ranunculus pygmaeus Pygmy buttercup Circumpolar Arctic Pigmybuttercup2.jpg
Ranunculus pyrenaeus Pyrenean buttercup Ranunculus kuepferi flower.jpg
Ranunculus recurvatus Hooked crowfoot,
Hooked buttercup
Eastern North America
Ranunculus repens Creeping buttercup Eurasia,
Northwest Africa
Creeping butercup close 800.jpg
Ranunculus reptans
Ranunculus sardous Hairy buttercup,
Sardinian buttercup
Europe Ranunculus sardous detail.jpeg
Ranunculus sceleratus Cursed buttercup,
Celery-leaved buttercup
North America
Ranunculus sceleratus(02).jpg
Ranunculus seguieri Seguier's buttercup Southeastern Europe Ranunculus seguieri ENBLA01.JPG
Ranunculus septentrionalis Swamp buttercup Eastern North America Swamp buttercup at Warren Dunes (2504578898).jpg
Ranunculus sieboldii Asia
Ranunculus testiculatus Bur buttercup,
Curveseed butterwort
Eurasia Ceratocephala testiculata 2005-04-02.jpg
Ranunculus thora Tora buttercup Europe Ranunculus thora a1.jpg
Ranunculus uncinatus Woodland buttercup,
Little buttercup
Western North America Ranunculus uncinatus 1383.JPG