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I'm an amateur wikipedian who...

  • Enjoys adding articles, but generally avoids editing them.
  • Takes literally the Word of God when He says "Thou shalt not judge." How can people judge others when you can't possibly know what they've been through? And why are Christians some of the most judgmental people on earth?
  • Guards freedom as much as possible, in any form possible, save that which is necessary to preserve the rights of the average citizen (that is, murder, robbery, etc.)
  • Believes in "balance."

Interests include:

I also enjoy sports, computer games, and statistics, but consider myself an expert on none of them, and refrain from editing articles in those categories.

Sports-wise, I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and Everton.

Computer Gaming-wise, I enjoy games by Paradox Interactive, such as Europa Universalis IV. I've also enjoyed Civilization, SimCity, Spore and Capitalism, and wishes I could survive SimIsle with a balanced budget.

I am currently a teacher.

Favourite books include Les Miserables, Mere Christianity, and Searching for a God to Love by Chris Blake.

My favourite song is Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

I am semi-retired as a Wikipedia editor, but I do edit articles from time to time when I see needs.