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Coordinates: 51°42′39″N 0°01′11″W / 51.710890°N 0.019827°W / 51.710890; -0.019827

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Hi Wikipedians. My user name is a real place. Northmetpit is located in Cheshunt , Hertfordshire, England. It is a mature lake that forms part of the beautiful Lee Valley Park. Originally a gravel pit and one of the oldest lakes in the Lea Valley. The minerals extracted here were used in the rebuilding of London after the Second World War. Today, the lake is a mecca for anglers, birdwatchers and naturalists and is one of ten lakes that form the Turnford and Cheshunt Pits a (SSSI). TL370030. [1] The name Northmet is derived from the North Metropolitan Electric Company which built the original Brimsdown Power Station on the Brimsdown Industrial Estate. The company held the angling rights on the lake in the post-war years.

North Met Pit, Cheshunt
The original Brimsdown Power Station built by North Metropolitan Electric Company in 1907 (Demolished late 1970s)


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