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History and likes[edit]

Technically speaking, I'm a Norvicensian, born and bred in the fine city of Norwich, but preferring the word-play of Norwikian here for obvious reasons.

Sir Thomas Browne[edit]

I've assisted in the 21st century revival of interest in Sir Thomas Browne ( along with W. G. Sebald to whom I chatted to about the 17th century physician-philosopher on several occasions) which has coincided with the development of the Internet and World Wide Web.

Appropriately for Wikipedia Browne wrote an encyclopaedia which revels in the glorious Latin title of Pseudodoxia Epidemica (1646) in whose pages hundreds of words are introduced into the English language, many of a scientific or medical nature, including - 'ambidextrous','antediluvian', 'analogous', 'approximate', 'ascetic', 'anomalous', 'carnivorous', 'coexistence' 'coma', 'compensate', 'computer', 'cryptography', 'cylindrical', 'disruption', 'electrical' 'electricity' 'ergotisms', 'exhaustion', 'ferocious', 'follicle', 'generator', 'gymnastic', 'hallucination','herbaceous', 'holocaust', 'insecurity', 'indigenous', 'jocularity', 'literary', 'locomotion', 'medical', 'migrant', 'mucous', 'perspire', 'prairie', 'prostate', 'polarity', 'precocious', 'pubescent', 'therapeutic', 'suicide', 'ulterior', 'ultimate' and 'veterinarian'.

Browne's relationship to alchemy[edit]

Here's a link to an academic paper I delivered in 2002 at the University of East Anglia on Browne's relationship to alchemy.

Best pages started on Wikipedia 2003 - 2016[edit]

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All transcriptions of Browne's shorter writings 2005

Expanded and elaborated on Michel de Ghelderode April 2015

New pages The Wandering Unicorn April 2015

The two leading North Sea Magical Realists, the artists Peter Rodulfo and Mark Burrell July 2015

Thomas Rawlins (sculptor) March 2016

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