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Bunnies of Rayman Raving Rabbids have many different types, varying from the Rabbids appearing only briefly to Rabbids that the player will encounter in almost every mini-game.

Normal Rabbids[edit]

The "normal" Rabbids appear in a large variety of types. These are listed below:

Afro Bunny[edit]

A yellow or green Rabbid wearing a white afro. Appears in some Bunny Hunt mini games, and in "Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm", where Rayman has to hit yellow or green audio players to make Afro Bunny forget about everything and dance. Uses only melee weapons, such as sausages, maces, and plungers.


Another bunny called Pink is a robotic bunny that has long and large ears and pink glowing eyes. He is seen in the Bunny Hunt mini games on or combined with some sort of vehicle having four legs. Pink is protected by a forcefield all the time, so reflecting his heat-seeking missiles is crucial for defeating the Rabbid. Pink usually serves as a boss of sorts for some of the FPS levels. Pink also dances with other Rabbids in the credits. Also known as Robotus Pinkus and T4III7773344303XXX.

Bunny Maid[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a small skirt and wielding a feather duster. Appears in a lot of minigames. Also known as Cleanous Maidus. The alias is French Maid. Described as “Able to clean absolutely nothing”.

Bunny Student[edit]

A Rabbid with black hair on his head, wearing a school uniform of sorts. A few also have glasses. They appear only in "Bunnies Have a Great Ear for Music", where they, in a large chorus, sing a song together and Rayman’s goal is to slap the Bunny Students who are singing off-key. The uniform is blue shirt and black pants. Bunny Student is one of the very few kinds of Rabbids who have visible hair on the head, although wigs are a possibility.

Chef Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a chef's hat, which reads "Le Chef" (The Chef). This Rabbid appears only in the two "Bunnies Like to Stuff Themselves" mini games and the credits. Despite being a chef, he doesn't actually seem to prepare food - all he does is eat it.

Cowboy Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a cowboy hat; sometimes they also wear a hankerchief. These appear in all of the Western-themed Bunny Hunt mini games. There are also a few blue Rabbids in "Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm" that wear a cowboy hat. Their radio plays Country and Western music. Also at the end of one bunny hunt stage they have the same look as the Rabbids in "Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm" except that they are yellow.

Crabtree Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a police officer's costume and moustache, which looks almost exactly the same as that of Officer Crabtree from the UK TV series 'Allo 'Allo! He appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, although a similar Rabbid was spotted in the credits.

Dancing Bunny[edit]

A bizarre Rabbid that floats out of a pile of coal during one of the FPS minigames in Rayman Raving Rabbids. Another one, doing a different dance (Which seems to resemble him riding an invisible horse) can be seen in the distance earlier in the same minigame.

Darth Vader Rabbid[edit]

A Rabbid based on the character of Darth Vader from the Star Wars film series; he appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.[1] The name of the Rabbid is unknown.

Flying (Pilot) Rabbid[edit]

A normal Rabbid flying a small saucer with rabbit ears. Appears only in Bunny Hunt stages and shoots large bubbles of carrot juice.

Giant Bunny[edit]

A big, black, grey or blue angry-looking bunny who appears in most Bunny Hunt mini games, usually seen throwing explosive objects. He takes several shots to take down. He also appears in "Bunnies Can't Play Soccer" "Bunnies don't Shear Sheep" and "Bunnies Don't Like Bats Part 2." Those Rabbids have a lower voice compared to other types.

Gift Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid who runs around in a frenzied pattern while carrying an explosive package. Don't let him reach you or he'll blow up in your face! Appears in all Bunny Hunt mini games and the “Bunnies don’t give presents” mini game, where he gives and explosive package to Rayman that has to be delivered to Professor Barranco, probably as a part of his experiment about “The resistance to high temperatures generated by the explosion of booby-trapped gifts,” as stated in the game’s manual.

Gladiator Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing various metal kitchen utensils on his body to protect him from weapons. He attacks with a ladle. Moves slow, but can take many hits before he is taken down. Appears in later Bunny Hunt mini games, usually in groups of two. Appears in the credits of the game, dancing. Also known as Lapinus Gladiatus and Peter.

Godfather Bunny[edit]

A fat, slightly bigger than normal Rabbid wearing a bowler hat and a suit. He appears to be based on Vito Corleone. He will play many roles in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, assumably replacing Sergueï as the main recurring Rabbid. So far he has been shown as a guest in a restaurant and as the boss of an office.


A Rabbid wearing feathers on his head and a feather skirt. Appears in Western-themed Bunny Hunt mini games, and in "Bunnies Can Only Fly Downwards," where Rayman skydives to their small settlement.

Ken Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a yellow wig and red karate gi, very similar to Ken Masters from the Street Fighter series of games. He appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

Mexican Bunny[edit]

A yellow sombrero-wearing Rabbid that sleeps as much as he can. Appears in "Bunnies Think They're in a Movie" and "Bunnies Don't Sleep Well". He also appears in the credits.

Miner Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a mining helmet with a metal spike on the top. Tunnels underneath the ground and then pops up somewhere else. Appears in several Bunny Hunt mini games. Also appears in game’s credits.

Ninja Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid on a pogo stick that bounces around a lot before it jumps over to you to smack you. Appears in later Bunny Hunt mini games, and usually in multiple waves of two or more. Seems to yell "Banzai!" while in the middle of a jump. Quite hard to hit with a plunger while in the air. Also known as Bert the masked Rabbid. His alias is “Niiiiiiiiinja.”

Pirate Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing a pirate hat, eye patch, a fake beard, and sometimes a peg leg. Appears in pirate- or island-themed Bunny Hunt stages. Also known as Captinus Piratus. His alias is Bunny Beard.

Private Bunn-eye[edit]

A Rabbid police officer. Does not appear to be in the game, but he appears on the official site. A similar Rabbid was seen in the credits, however, there is no guarantee that the bunny is somehow related to the police officer.

Professor Barranco[edit]

A Rabbid who has the top portion of his head wrapped in gauze and has a black left eye. He is, according to the manual, the smartest Rabbid, but he never gets in your way or tries to shoot you, except in "Bunnies Are Not Ostriches", where he is running under Rayman’s flying saucer as a distraction because of his getting into the way of the magnet used for pulling Clark Kent bunnies out of the ground. He does not seem to be liked much by the other Rabbids, as Sergueï steps on him in “Bunnies have no memory” and other Rabbids frequently hit him with blunt objects, in, for example, “Bunnies are slow to react” introduction. He seems to be conducting tests on pain and the effects of various weapons. [2]


A playable character in Raving Rabbids 2, the character is based off Naruto from the Anime series of the same name

Robot Bunny[edit]

A black, robotic Rabbid with red eyes. Appears in "Bunnies Aren't Scared of the Dark" only. Also called Also called Robotus Lapinus and TI000¾. The TI000 could be a parody of the T-1000 robot from the 2nd Terminator movie.

Rock Bunny[edit]

Rabbid wearing shades. Appears in most Bunny Hunt mini games, usually near a music source. Activating the music will make them dance uncontrollably. They also appear in "Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm."

Rolling Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid inside a glass ball, that comes rolling down corridors. The ball always breaks before it gets to you, however. Appears only in "Bunnies Aren't Scared of the Dark."

Saturday Night Fever Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid with a blue shirt and a black jacket and shorts that likes to dance. One would think he appears in the dancing mini games, however, he doesn't appear in the game at all except in the credits.

Scuba Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid wearing flippers, a snorkel mask, and occasionally, a ducky ring. They nearly always appear around a water source (One time, they even appear at a fountain). They own a very large yellow submarine that can shoot heat-seeking missiles as a nod to the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine. Scuba Bunny is also known as Amphibious Carnivorous and has the alias "The Frog”. Described as a bunny that sharks are afraid of. Scuba Bunnies use Plunger Guns.


A Rabbid that wears a Spider-Man outfit. Is a playable character in Raving Rabbids 2.

Stealth Bunny[edit]

Rabbid wearing night vision goggles. He always drops down from a Rabbid UFO with a rope, and can dodge some of your shots and hide behind some objects. He is a parody of Sam Fisher, the main character in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. He appears in nearly all Bunny Hunt mini games and cannot be destroyed with just one plunger. The official Rayman Raving Rabbids site says he is as discreet as a bull in a China shop. Stealth Bunny is the only bunny that the player can perform a real headshot on. The headshot stops Stealth Bunny for a few seconds as the Rabbid tries to pull the plunger off his face. There has been an artwork of a Stealth Bunny parodying the cover of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. [3]

Clark the Super Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid with black hair, wearing a Superman outfit. He isn't a real super hero, but he tries to be. He can fly short distances using posterior explosives hidden under his cape, but he doesn't seem to have much control over his flight path (for obvious reasons). Appears in a lot of mini games; "Bunnies Are Not Ostriches" is a minigame in which the player has to pull out 10 Super Bunnies who have gotten their heads stuck into the desert ground within a given amount of time. The name "Clark" is an obvious nod to Clark Kent. Clark the Super Bunny is also known as Lapinus Krytonius, just Clark, and by an alias "Super".

Tropical Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid that wears a coconut bikini and a flower on his head. Appears in Bunny Hunt stages that take place on the beach. They also appear in "Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm", where their color is red.

Jack Sparrow bunny[edit]

A bunny with the headgear the same as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and an artwork showing him about to be fired out of a cannon with the Kraken in the background. [4]

Unique Rabbids[edit]


Sergueï is the most unique Rabbid of them all - a giant, muzzle-wearing creature. Described as "A part of the elite force", so he may not be the only one of a kind in Rayman universe. In the game he appears to be the leader of the hundreds of Rabbids shown in the game, or, alternatively, just Rayman's guard and bunnies' henchman respected because of his power. Also referred to as Grandus Lapinus or Kong Bunny. Has an alias: "The Butcher". The Rabbid is 23 years old. Sergueï appears not only in cutscenes at the beginning and the end of the day, but also in three minigames: “Bunnies are bad at peek-a-boo”, where he is in his role of the guard that Rayman must get through, “Bunnies have no memory, Part 2”, where he is one of the “Singers”, and in “Bunnies have natural rhythm, Part 2”, where he tries to catch Rayman while he tries to eliminate all of the Rabbids.

Rabble Droid[edit]

The commander of the Rabbid army, and the final boss of Rayman Raving Rabbids. He resembles a humongous mutant Rabbid with a robotic head and a little spaceship in his bottom part. Regular Rabbids are driving this spaceship. Appears only in Nintendo DS version of the game.

Miscellaneous Rabbids[edit]

The Rabbids listed below are appearing in miscellaneous games, trailers, or just in parodies of other games or famous movies. They are not confirmed to be in any future game.

Transformer Bunny[edit]

A bunny shown transforming from a toilet. Shown in the new trailer. A nod to the Transformers. [5]

Far Cry: Vengeance Bunny[edit]

A Rabbid that appears in a trailer to Far Cry Vengeance. Lives on an island, wears a red t-shirt and when screaming points two bananas at the camera as if they were pistols. [6]

Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter 2 Bunny[edit]

On the Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 UK official site there is a picture of a Rabbid wearing the high tech armor and helmet that the main characters wear. Even more, the Rabbid is holding an Advanced Hi-tech plunger labeled "PL - Grunger 45 - With high impact suction". Also marked on the picture are “Ultrasonic Hearing Device” (Rabbid’s ears) and “Rabbid Bwaa Sound System”, described as “Allowing Rabbid to make high pitched screams to disable enemy targets”. [7]

Mario Bunny[edit]

A bunny wearing the same clothes as Mario from Super Mario, except with the letter B on its hat instead of M.

Rainbow Six Bunny[edit]

This type of bunny was shown in an artwork parodying Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas. The bunny is in the usual Rainbow Six outfit, tangled in the rope often used in the game and screaming. [8]

Catz Bunny[edit]

Bunny that appears in an artwork that parodies the logo of the game Catz from the Petz series by Ubisoft. In the artwork a Rabbid dressed up as a cat – a pair of cat ears and a cat tail – is reaching into an aquarium. [9]

Red Steel Bunny[edit]

The Red Steel Bunny appears in an artwork parodying the Red Steel cover. The Rabbid has a Plunger Gun for a pistol and a spatula for the katana. [10]

X-Men – Bunnies[edit]

This particular group of bunnies appeared in a parody artwork titled “X-Rabbids”. [11]The parody shows Sergueï and 8 other normal Rabbids as X-Men.

TMNT Bunnies[edit]

This group of Rabbids is a parody of the TMNT. The artwork shows four armed Rabbids standing in sewers with shell-like costumes. [12]

Samurai Bunny[edit]

The Samurai Bunny appears on a wallpaper from the official Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 website. This Rabbid is dressed in traditional samurai outfit and has a katana with a shrimp, a half of grapefruit and a watermelon, and an apple on it. [13]

Surfer Bunny[edit]

The Surfer Bunny appears on another wallpaper. He has a pair of red swimming shorts on and is surfing somewhere near Japan. [14]

Cut Rabbids[edit]


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