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Freeski Brands LLC
Industry Freestyle skis, Clothing
Founded 2010
Headquarters Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Freeski Brands is a manufacturer of skis, poles, technical outerwear and skiing-related softgoods, based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah near Salt Lake City, Utah.


Freeski Brands was preceeded by Surface Ski Collaboration LLC, the parent company of Surface Skis, a ski manufacturer and Causwell, a clothing company. In July 2010 following the purchase of Joystick, a ski pole manufacturer, Freeski Brands LLC was registered and in November 2010 Surface Ski Collaboration LLC was voluntarily dissolved. [1] [2]


Surface Skis, Causwell, and Joystick all work with professional skiers and interact with the ski community in order to create their products. By sponsoring ski competitions, promoting free give-aways as well as by maintaining an online presence on social media websites and ski communities, Freeski Brands promotes itself to potential customers.


Freeski Brands currently sponsors John Ware, Banks Gilberti, Blake Nyman, Khai Krepela, Brody Leven, Jeff Kiesel, Vaness Aadland, Scott Damon, Jason Arens, Jordan Seldin, Eliel Hindert, Ian Wade, Beau Fredlund, Nick McNutt, Martin Boulais, and Anthony Boronowski[3]


Currently, Surface Skis produces twenty three models of ski targeted specifically to men, women, and children. These skis are each designed to perform in power, park randonee and all mountain areas. [4] Causwell manufactures 11 different pieces of apparel including outerwear, street wear and accessories. [5] Joystick currently produces eight models of ski poles. [6]


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