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Donkey balls

12½ years on Wikipedia!
Born (1983-10-19) October 19, 1983 (age 33)
Mercy Memorial Hospital
Monroe, Michigan
Residence Canton, Michigan
Alma mater Jefferson High School (H.S.)
Monroe Co. Comm. College (A.S.)
Eastern Michigan University (B.S.)
Employer Johnson Controls
Home town Detroit Beach, Michigan
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight 176 lb (80 kg)
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Wenyue Fu (m. 2013)
Children 0

Notorious4life is the name I use on Wikipedia, where I have been a member since March 20, 2005. I don't normally take part in discussions or projects anymore. I don’t care to have any elevated user privileges, such as being an administrator, because I’m just a freelance editor and try to avoid any involuntary responsibility. If it’s doesn't interest me or feel it's worth my time, I’m not going to do it. If it’s something that interests me, then there’s no limit to the amount of time and effort I’ll put in to accomplishing my goal (if I know it's a goal I can accomplish). I was most prolific on Wikipedia from 2008–2012, where I mastered the concepts of article creation, photo uploading, and expanding articles of personal interest. I have created over 125 articles and uploaded over 250 images. Since 2014, I've been a rarer contributor on Wikipedia.


I was born in Monroe, Michigan in 1983 and lived in Detroit Beach. I attended Jefferson Schools and graduated from Jefferson High School in 2001, Monroe County Community College with an associate degree in 2004, and Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor of science in 2008. I graduated with a teaching degree, emphasizing social studies, history, and geography. I spent much of my college years working near-minimum wage and my immediate years after college working in various substitute teaching capacities in the surrounding areas before abandoning that pursuit in 2013 to join the monotonous and unrewarding automotive industry.

I have lived in Detroit Beach, Frenchtown Charter Township, Woodhaven, Brownstown Charter Township, Taylor, and recently Canton. I got married in 2013, and we have elected to have no children. We value our money, peace, and freedom too much. I am not political or religious, but I do detest liberals, modern hipsters, freeloading government moochers, and have a general disdain toward Generation Z and a dumber, technology-addicted society. I am an adamant fan of the Detroit Tigers, The Simpsons, Nintendo, fishing and nature, Budweiser, bowling, and leisure writing.

Wikipedia history

I joined Wikipedia in early-2005 and made my first article, Sandy Creek (original version), which is a small waterway near where I lived. I'm surprised the article survived its infancy at a time when Wikipedia had only 750,000 articles. In my early years, I bounced around various interests, such as sparring in the AfD, speedy deletions, and the now defunct RfD. I combated vandalism and argued adamantly in the debate of notability versus verifiability in article creations, especially after finding several flaws and conflicts in the AfD criteria that seemed to water down the Wikipedia inclusion process. I am no longer involved in any of those discussions.

It took awhile to learn the processes of Wikipedia, and I began mass-creating articles of my own personal interest around 2009—particularly articles in my area of Monroe County, which seemed to lack many articles of local importance, such as the George Armstrong Custer Equestrian Monument, River Raisin National Battlefield Park, and the Battle of Frenchtown. Using my interest in history, I created the articles for the National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County and uploaded all the pictures. I soon traveled to other counties (Lapeer, Lenawee, and St. Clair) and did the same thing. I also spearheaded the recognition of the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and their listings in conjunction with the National Register—paving the way for the creation of numerous Michigan State Historic sites articles.

In 2010, I joined WikiProject Michigan and categorized thousands of articles, focusing much of my attention on Michigan's geography. I created the physical geography department and expanded numerous articles and infoboxes relating to islands, rivers, lakes, and protected areas. I notably created or significantly expanded the articles for the Detroit River, List of islands in the Detroit River, Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, and the exhaustive List of islands of Michigan and many sub-articles within. I added infoboxes, created maps, and self-taken pictures to numerous articles before leaving the WikiProject. I also worked on island projects for other states, such as Arizona, Hawaii, and Wyoming.

I bounced around through other interests in recent time, such as Major League Baseball, in which I created the articles for Shutouts in baseball and List of Major League Baseball annual shutout leaders—a highly underrated baseball statistic. I also spent countless hours driving around Detroit and photographing various schools and blight, but not so much anymore since it seems to be overplayed by other self-professed urban explorers with more time and better cameras.

Since 2014, I have been a rarer user on Wikipedia and may not routinely log in to view messages or recent updates on any of my monitored articles.

Written articles
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Because of the increase in images that I've uploaded to Wikipedia, I cannot post them on here without causing my user page to load very slowly. Instead, I have compiled all of my images to a subpage, where it's structured in a way to increase its loading time for viewing convenience.

The sub-page is not fully up-to-date.