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Hello this is the User page for NotReallyRelevant.

Sorry about my inadvertent grafitti at the top of the whale page... I changed it back. I was just trying to show my dad how to use Wikipedia!!! And I thought when I clicked the "Save page" button it would ask me to fill in that box where you copy the letters. But for some reason it didn't !!! Anyhow I put the page back how it was, so hopefully no harm done. BTW, I do LOVE whales.

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You can visit my web site at and my links at Bindon

Here are some of the links which other editors in their wisdom have decided to remove from the related Wikipedia pages. Anyone who thinks any of these are worth putting back, be my guest.

The Clarke Whale Museum on Pico Azores - was taken off the Whales page

Budapest City Guide Video - was taken off the Budapest page

Daleks of the North - Video interview with Andy Shaw, world famous full-size replica dalek builder - was taken off the dalek page.

Further to my comments on the Free Hugs page, films about Random Huggers can be found on Google Video here , here and on YouTube here, not to mention on !

Interesting blog at rhubarbcrumble