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I am a Christian, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a nurse, a student, a grandmother, a neighbor, a friend. Psychology is fascinating. Why do people do what they do, whether or not they really want to do it? Nursing is my field, people are my interest. I enjoy seeing people laugh especially when their otherwise dreary lives have become rote. I have two sons, one living in Indonesia with his family, the other living in St. Louis. The elder is in his fourth year teaching overseas. He has two daughters and one son (MY GRANDCHILDREN!!)He has attained two masters degrees and is working on his doctorate on-line...can you tell he loves learning? His wife also is a teacher/counselor with her masters degree. My youngest has his masters in computer science/programming. He bought his first house a year ago, is currently dating a girl in St. Louis. He is adamant that I learn all about computers on my own..."Look it up" being his favorite response when I ask him something. My family is of utmost importance to me. If I stopped taking classes today, I would not only disappoint my children and my siblings, but I would also disappoint myself.


Psychology 101 Assignments[edit]

  1. Created my account
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  3. Wrote on Roach's page


List of Possible Stub Articles[edit]

1. Impostor Syndrome 2. Hedonometer 3. Jailhouse Jesus 4. Personal Fable, although listed this is evidently not linkable. 4. Orientation (mental)

Critique of article Formicophilia Researched... Formicophilia is a fetish where a person receives pleasure from bugs and/or worms crawling on their skin or genitals. Weird science it is. Bugs are bugs. It seems the best way to do this would be in the woods on an anthill, of course you would have to have something on your skin to attract the critters. --myself 13:29, 29 September 2011 (UTC) 16 September 2011 (UTC) Critique of article Imposter Syndrome Once the "Impostor Syndrome" is recognized by the person suffering from it, there are ways to confront your feelings. Be aware of why you are feeling this way. Anxiety is often felt by the very intelligent, and when a failure (or several failures) occurs, this feeling of incompetancy can erupt. An advantage to feeling like a failure also can be to try harder to prove to yourself that you are not a failure. Your level of competition becomes much higher. According to Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek, "At some point during your career, possibly more than once, you will look at your peers and think to yourself, "I'm not as good as they are; I am not cut out out for this." "Recognize your thoughts and your personal accomplishments. You are underestimating your own accomplishments. Learn to network. Discuss your studies, involve yourself in their work, this will help you to open up about your own work. Success does not come easily. " 13:29, 29 September 2011 (UTC)

Expanded article of Hedonometer


Edit an article[edit]

  1. Edited Orientation (mental) under "Causes of Mental Disorientation".


Check for copy vio, paraphrase and accuracy of other students contributions[edit]

I made a minor edit to sanwich, color preferences, changing age where to age when...

I read over Mueller 86 discussion of the following...( "Also critiqued --Karina Quintanar article on Nursing Bulling.Looking at your article Nursing Bulling are you just going to look at one level of nursing?? The second question is how do the nurse get help for this type of situation in the work place if their own job is to care for people?? I find this to be very inserting.") It is critical that you learn how to use spell check, and review your comments for errors not detected by spell check. The previous SHOULD state (also critiqued --Karina Quintanar article on Nursing Bullying. Looking at your article Nursing Bullying - are you only going to look at one level of nursing? The second question is how does the nurse obtain help in this situation if their job in the workplace is to care for other people? Very interesting...)


/sandbox I have found many resources for information to expand the "Orientation (Mental)" project for week 6-7. There is a great deal of information available under "Orientation", but most information is derived from searching "Confusion, Disorientation, Consciousness", as "orientation" can pertain to other subjects as well.