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Funnily enough, this user's real name is not ntnon.

The nom-de-plume 'ntnon' is derived from this programme, and it seemed like a reasonable enough pseudonym to sign up with here, there and severalwheres. ntnon is English, but currently residing elsewhere, hence the quite-probably odd edit-times... Trained in History and an avid reader, interests include all kinds of comics (and particularly those by Alan Moore), other kinds of comics (DCU, some-MU, Zenescope, Oni, Dark Horse, Image, Evil Twin, Gemstone, EC, etc., etc.), books (and particularly those written by Jasper Fforde and Simon Hawke among MANY others), more books (and particularly those published(!) by MonkeyBrain Books, McFarland, Smart Pop, Open Court and Mojo Press), even more books (Science Fiction, Wold Newtonian things, books on comics, Fortean Times collections, etc.) TV programmes (comedies - Maid Marian and her Merry Men, One Foot in the Grave, Blackadder, etc.; quiz shows - QI; time travel - Journeyman, Seven Days, etc.; crime/detective/action - Jonathan Creek, Martial Law, Charlie's Angels, Mission: Impossible, The Avengers, etc.; Spy-Fi & ITC-made and -distributed programmes - The Prisoner, The Wild Wild West, The Persuaders!, Department S, etc., etc., etc.), the individuals behind them all (writers, publishers, actors) and much, much more.

(ntnon has just recently discovered that The Emperor holds remarkably similar interests: Forteana, Comics, Steampunk, etc.)


Tending to create pages only about things which ntnon knows a bit about (or can find out quite a bit), it may be noticed that edits tend to drift as links lead to other (non-)pages or inspire the "need" for more information. So, attempting to create a page for MonkeyBrain Books necessitated the need for editing Chris Roberson (author), leading back to Clockwork Storybook, and then forward to Lou Anders, John Picacio, Peter Coogan and Rick Klaw (and thence to Mojo Press, etc.)... all good fun!

First forays in Wikipediaing were as the direct result of frustration over lack of easy-access to various information snippets, leading to an attempt to add things here for the ease of the next person searching for such information. This will include obscure facts, Quite Interesting information, historical reference material, etc., etc. (Discovering by chance that Paul Sieveking was listed as the son of broadcaster Lance Sieveking led to ntnon attempting to research that individual and create a - hopefully accurate, noteworthy and interesting - page for him. And so it goes...)

ntnon is particularly pleased to have originated, edited and/or contributed large amounts of work to some, most or fewer[1] of the following pages (in no order whatsoever):

Created and Written[edit]

MonkeyBrain Books
Paul Cemmick
Clockwork Storybook
Lance Sieveking
Win Scott Eckert
Peter Coogan
Checker Book Publishing Group
David Lloyd (actor)
Vernon Harrison
Lou Anders
EC's M.D. (comic)
The Book of Animal Ignorance
Ted Dewan
The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic
David Hughes (Illustrator)
Mr Bingo
Mark Askwith
Whitney Ellsworth

Jerry Prosser
Paul Smith (writer)
Terry Kyan
The H.G. Wells short-story Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation

Moved and originally almost-entirely-written... The "LXG" Lawsuit. Shifted from Larry Cohen.

Largely Written[edit]

Awesome Comics
Diana Schutz
Sir Henry At Rawlinson End
Chris Roberson (author)
Mark Billingham
Howard Lew Lewis
Donald Thomas
Jess Nevins
Jackson "Butch" Guice
Comic Arts Conference - periodically, at least...
Mojo Press
Richard Horie

Greatly Expanded[edit]

Fortean Times
Rick Klaw
Paul Sieveking, Bob Rickard & Steve Moore (comics) - Mike Dash to follow, in theory!
The Book of General Ignorance
The LXG Lawsuit, now here (above)
Batman: Black & White
John Picacio
Philip Bond
Vertigo (DC Comics)
Abelard Snazz
Chuck Dixon
Jack Kirby vs Marvel


Dave McKean - apparently created by ntnon in 2003! Completely forgotten that...
Daniel Hall - ditto, according to Wikipedia
1963 (comic book) - ditto.. how interesting
America's Best Comics - these too!
People Like Us - ditto again. Great programme

Added To[edit]

Lost Girls - then 'coming soon in 2003'...
Kingdom Come (comic book)

...and others, major and minor.

What a To-Do[edit]

Sooner or later, many, many more pages and edits will occur. Including some long-promised or implied (Checker's publication history; Fill in comic-y birthdays; later information on the FT; sort out Dez Skinn; Russ Cochran; Taboo; flesh out some of comics companies - Zenescope, Evil Twin, Eclipse - more EC; etc., etc.)


There is a way to search-link to these, for my own ease of reference.

  1. ^ Angus Deayton is sorely missed on Have I Got News For You...