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Some of my best work[edit]

Articles created[edit]

(Symbol question.svg=DYK)


Block ciphers[edit]

ARIA (cipher) - BaseKing - CIKS-1 - CIPHERUNICORN-A - CIPHERUNICORN-E - COCONUT98 - Crab (cipher) - DFC (cipher) - E2 (cipher) - FEA-M - Grand Cru (cipher) - Hierocrypt - KN-Cipher - Ladder-DES - M6 (cipher) - M8 (cipher) - Mercy (cipher) - MESH (cipher) - MultiSwap - New Data Seal - Nimbus (cipher) - NUSH - Q (cipher) - SC2000 - SXAL/MBAL - Treyfer - UES (cipher) - Xenon (cipher) - xmx - Zodiac (cipher)


Alex Biryukov - Burt Kaliski - Carlisle Adams - David Naccache - Doug Stinson - Hideki Imai - Howard Heys - James Massey - Kaisa Nyberg - Kevin McCurley (cryptographer) - Lawrie Brown - Matt Robshaw - Michael Luby - Nikita Borisov - Paul van Oorschot - Sean Murphy (cryptographer) - Stafford Tavares - Thomas Jakobsen - Tom Berson - Xuejia Lai

Other cryptography articles[edit]

Symbol question.svgBent function - CDMF - Davies attack - Decorrelation theory - Indocrypt - Partitioning cryptanalysis - Selected Areas in Cryptography - Truncated differential cryptanalysis


Christian Jacobaeus - David Messerschmitt - Donald Cox - Gerald Ash - Harold Rosen (electrical engineer) - Hiroshi Inose - IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal - Jim K. Omura - Joachim Hagenauer - John Wozencraft - Jorma Rissanen - Richard R. Hough - Tsuneo Nakahara


Alexander Arhangelskii - Andreas Blass - Symbol question.svgAndries Brouwer - Andrzej Schinzel - Bohuslav Balcar - Boris Aronov - Caryn Navy - Clark Kimberling - Eric van Douwen - Fred Galvin - Hansraj Gupta - John Brillhart - Symbol question.svgJudith Roitman - Katsuya Eda - Symbol question.svgLeonard Gillman - M. K. Fort Jr. - M. Ram Murty - Mathukumalli V. Subbarao - Michael H. Albert - Siemion Fajtlowicz - W. B. R. Lickorish


Ghost towns[edit]

Symbol question.svgAjax, Utah - Alunite, Utah - Argyle, Utah - Castleton, Utah - Colton, Utah - Connellsville, Utah - Dover, Utah - Symbol question.svgDragon, Utah - Duncan's Retreat, Utah - Eagle City, Utah - Symbol question.svgForest City, Utah - Giles, Utah - Grass Creek, Utah - Symbol question.svgHebron, Utah - Symbol question.svgHome of Truth, Utah - Symbol question.svgKelton, Utah - Symbol question.svgKimberly, Utah - Symbol question.svgKiz, Utah - Symbol question.svgKnightsville, Utah - La Plata, Utah - List of ghost towns in Utah - McCornick, Utah - Mill Fork, Utah - Symbol question.svgMohrland, Utah - Symbol question.svgMosida, Utah - Symbol question.svgNewhouse, Utah - Symbol question.svgParia, Utah - Rockport, Utah - Symbol question.svgRussian Settlement, Utah (co-created) - Scranton, Utah - Symbol question.svgSego, Utah - Tucker, Utah - Symbol question.svgWahsatch, Utah - Symbol question.svgWidtsoe, Utah - Symbol question.svgWoodside, Utah

Other Utah pages[edit]

Adamsville, Utah - Beryl Junction, Utah - Carbonville, Utah - Devil's Slide (Utah) - Symbol question.svgEast Layton, Utah - Enterprise, Morgan County, Utah - Flaming Gorge, Utah - Flowell, Utah - Fremont, Utah - Symbol question.svgGrover, Utah - Symbol question.svgHideout, Utah - Symbol question.svgIndependence, Utah - Liberty, Utah - List of census-designated places in Utah - Symbol question.svgMarion, Utah - Symbol question.svgMountain Green, Utah - Nine Mile Canyon - Oasis, Utah - Sutherland, Utah - Venice, Utah - West Wood, Utah - Template:Utah Carnegie libraries map

Other pages[edit]

Amy Briggs - Bill Barrett Corporation - Bruce Davis (video game industry) - Császár polyhedron - List of people by Erdős number - Parsec (video game) - Template:Colorado Carnegie libraries map - Template:Idaho Carnegie libraries map - Template:Montana Carnegie libraries map - Template:Wyoming Carnegie libraries map

Articles worked on[edit]


BassOmatic - Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm - Impossible differential cryptanalysis - Integral cryptanalysis - Interpolation attack - Key schedule - Key whitening - MDS matrix


Apple Valley, Utah - Bigelow-Ben Lomond Hotel - Symbol question.svgBryce Canyon City, Utah - Clarion, Utah - College Ward, Utah - Delle, Utah - Dewey, Utah - Grafton, Utah - Hale, Utah - Hiawatha, Utah - Iosepa, Utah - Jacob Johnson (U.S. politician) - Keetley, Utah - Kenilworth, Utah - Lark, Utah - List of Carnegie libraries in Utah - List of museums in Utah - Mammoth, Utah - Mercur, Utah - Ogden Nature Center - Pickelville, Utah - Silver City, Utah - Soldier Summit, Utah - Spring Glen, Utah - Tremonton, Utah


69,105 - Symbol question.svgBlanche Descartes - Implementer - Category:Lists of Carnegie libraries in the United States by state - Table Rock, Wyoming

Articles to create[edit]

Articles to work on[edit]

Awards I have received[edit]

Sewer cover.jpg The Sewer Cover Barnstar
You have been awarded the Sewer Cover Barnstar because you can read through anything. You don’t know the meaning of attention deficit disorder, laugh in the face of boredom, and are wasting your talents if you don’t become a patent examiner.
  • I award this to you, Ntsimp, with humbleness and awe. You’ve done what I truly can not: read four whole date-related trivia articles. Greg L (talk) 01:40, 30 November 2008 (UTC)
Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
For an interesting, well-written, and comprehensive article on bent functions. Very good show. Cheers, —Anonymous DissidentTalk 14:50, 5 October 2009 (UTC)
Dyk25.svg The 25 DYK Medal
Thanks very much for your articles for DYK, Ntsimp. We can do with more maths articles and Utah still has some missing articles as you've spotted. Thanks from me and the wiki... oh! and seasons greetings .... many happy returns to DYK in 2010 Victuallers (talk) 14:22, 29 December 2009 (UTC)
Ghost-townbarnstar.png WikiProject Ghost towns Barnstar
Thank you for the reviews, edits and fixes to help Thistle, Utah reach FA status. Dave (talk) 05:40, 13 January 2011 (UTC)
No spam barnstar.png The Anti-Spam Barnstar
Thank you for cleaning up the spam on Logan, UT Jhunt47 (talk) 08:11, 21 January 2011 (UTC)
NatRegStar2.png WikiProject National Register of Historic Places Award
For helping WP:NRHP to illustrate 50,000 historic sites. Keep up the good work!
Smallbones(smalltalk) 14:27, 14 August 2013 (UTC)