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I'm a technical program manager in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. I've studied materials science and engineering at MIT and Stanford, and have worked in high tech for 20+ years. I'm an avid reader of non-fiction, mysteries, poetry, scientific and political writing, and works in the French language. My personal crusade is to further the development of sustainable ecologies and economies. So far, I've done squat in this area but I have the best of intentions.

I enjoy supplying "Most wanted articles", as long as they do not relate to Grammy Awards. Receiving a Wiki barnstar has been one of the high points of my life. I have never been involved in a Wikipedia flame or editing war so please don't be the one to tempt me.

User NuclearWinner

Looking over my contributions (both original articles and major additions), my interests appear to be:

American culture Cake, Catch Me If You Can, Corporate title, Management, Sammy Davis Jr., Venture capital, Wedding

World geography Bloemfontein, History of the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein, Orange River

Literature Gothic novel, How to read a poem, Louisa May Alcott, Scholar

France and the French language Avignon, France, Petrarch, Walloon

Mexico Guanajuato, Leon, States of Mexico

Health, medicine, and birth Calculus (dental), Fertility, Live birth, Vagina

Science and technology Precious metal

Politics, philosophy, public policy and law Just war, Adverse inference

Other topics 1912 Summer Olympics, Peruvian Paso