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I like Russia. I'm particularly a fan of the Russian Empire and Ivan IV. Also I know quite a bit of Russian history, of course, along with various tidbits about other post-Russian/post-Soviet states, and Slavic cultures. I also know a sizable amount of Western history.

I am the owner of the Ekunia Corporation (mentioned below). Politically, I am an actual twenty-first century American Monarchist who wants Emperor Donald I of Trump to formalize our new Empire of America and make its new flag the Blood-Stained Banner already. Many believe I'm a parody. I can't honestly say I blame them for the confusion.

I hate when I see articles written like advertisements or otherwise filled with loaded language. Just tell the truth -- no need to exaggerate it!

Full Disclosure: I have a vested interest in forum/social-related articles and to a lesser extent instant messaging, web browsing, and gaming related articles via my unincorporated business Ekunia, which is developing services in these areas; this disclaimer once warned of ecommerce issues, and likewise my family members own ecommerce websites, although at present I only hold employment at one of them because Ekunia doesn't have any revenue. This could also be seen as a conflict of interest, but I've never actually edited any relevant articles, or been interested enough to read about them. This may be seen as a conflict of interest, but I usually only edit an article to fix issues I see while I am reading Wikipedia. There's also various things like JIT compilers being developed by Ekunia, and I almost always place CoI disclaimers on relevant contributions.

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