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Nuno Brito


Biography details[edit]

Nuno Garcia da Silva Brito was born in the 29th of October 1981 in Coimbra, Portugal.

Son of Alberto da Silva Brito, an engineer with military past as Air force pilot and Laura Eugénia do Nascimento Garcia, inspector in Coimbra's City hall.

Has one brother, Edgar Garcia da Silva Brito, a mathematical genius and a brilliant structural engineer, and also shares strong family ties with other brothers like Paulo Silva Brito and Pedro Silva Brito that derived from his father new relationship after the marriage with Laura come to an end in 1986.

Nuno is married with Carla Alexandra Martins Maranhão, born in September 5th of 1984 that is also a former resident from Coimbra, Portugal.

Formal Education and Professional career[edit]

Throughout his youth he lived in the same town where he was born, his college level education was passed at a school called "Avelar de Brotero" where he followed a specialization in the area of electronics and digital systems.

He remained on this school from 1996 until the year 2000 but left without concluding his formal education in order to ingress in the military ranks of the Portuguese Army as a volunteer soldier.

In the army he joined the Portuguese Airborn troopers instruction unit located in "Poligono de Tancos" that was called ETAT [1] (Escola de Tropas AeroTransportadas - School of Airborn troops). After concluding recruit came a specialization as special shooter and afterwards another specialization was assigned as anti-armored vehicle shooter that provided skills with the earth-to-earth Milan missile and Karl Gustav RPG.

In September 12th of 2001, Nuno joined ESE [2] (Escola de Sargentos do Exército - Army School of Sargent) where he studied until 2004, receiving a promotion to the sargent rank and specializing in Army Artillery. This school also provided a civilian college equivalent diploma.

After finishing school in 2004 we was stationed in RG2 [3] (Regimento de Guarnição Nº2 - 2nd Artillery/Infantry Regiment) where he remained until July 2009.

On this regiment he was assigned as computer security specialist and later became the head manager of the LAN administration team composed of 3 members responsible for network administration. During this period he also provided lectures on computer training and extended his duties to other areas of computer management and logistics.

In the Azores, he developed tools that were released to the public such as WinBuilder [4], Ninja pendisk [5] and others. He also founded (former, a site which became a reference point for development and research on the boot disk field.

From July 2009 to December 2010 he attended the Master of Software Engineering program [6], developing a project involving social network algorithms [7] for Portugal Telecom [8].

Other educational activities[edit]

In 2007 enrolled in a Computer Science degree in Universidade Aberta [9] (Open University).

In 2008 started the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) lessons.

In 2009 joined the Dual degree Master of Software Engineering program between Carnegie Mellon University and University of Coimbra.


The move to RG2 in 2004 forced some distance from the family since this unit is placed in the Azorean Islands, located in the mid-Atlantic ocean region. He currently lives with his wife and are soon expecting their first children to be born in October.

Sports / Leisure[edit]

  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Mountain climb
  • Mini-golf


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