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[[Epupa falls]](also known as Monte Negro Falls in Angola) is about 60 m and covers a distance of about 1.5 km, reaching a maximum width of 500 m.It is one of the Worlds last wilderness areas and its situated on the north-eastern part of Namibia in opuwo(Kunene Region).There is a guest house that offers an assortment of services like meals and accomondation(which includes room's and campings). It is a land of the fascinating Himba people, one of world's last nomadic tribes that made the location of theExample.jpg guest house unique and natural freindly place.However, Epupa Falls is not just a great place to see and photograph but its also a great place to go for a dip in one of the hundreds of natural pools gradually carved out of the rocks over millennia by the torrents of the falling water.