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Mark Miremont
Mark Miremont, Los Angeles 2004.jpg
At a 2004 exhibit, Los Feliz
Born Madrid, Spain
Nationality American
Education UCLA Department of Philosophy BA, Harvard University, UCLA Graduate School of Theater, Film and Television MFA, Sundance Institute June Directors Lab
Occupation Photographer, Filmmaker, Music Video Director & Artist.

Mark Miremont is an American artist working in experimental film, music video and photography.

Miremont was born in Madrid, Spain and studied philosophy at UCLA and Harvard. He began his artistic endeavors with hundreds of esoteric aphorisms, graffitied in Downtown Los Angeles and the Mission District of San Francisco, culminating in a 60 foot piece on the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.[1][2]

He transitioned into experimental film and has directed numerous music videos;[3][4][5] the first of which was "Flower", by Soundgarden.[2] His work in experimental film and music video caught the attention of the Sundance Institute while he was a first year graduate student at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.[1] He was invited to develop his screenplay, The White Ocean, at the June Director’s Lab.[6] He work shopped the script, directing actors Lothaire Bluteau and J. E. Freeman.[7]

In 2010, Miremont had a solo exhibit of his photography at La Galerie Provacatrice, Amsterdam. The exhibit coincided with the premiere of the first cut of his experimental feature film, The Resurrection of Beauty. The film features Dita Von Teese and was screened at Amsterdam's annual Wasteland Event for an audience of over 5000 people. To commemorate these two exhibitions, his essay: "The Resurrection of Beauty- a manifesto for 21st century art", was also published.[8][9]


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