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Wikipedia:How to edit a page[edit]

Contribution counter[edit]


 {{specify}}  adds a request for a citation (source information). 
Appearing as [specify], used for information that needs citations to make it complete, 
or quotations that are used without citations
 {{fact}}  adds a request for a citation (source information). 
Appearing as [citation needed], 
used in the body of an article as a request for other editors to find citations:
1. to label a passage which is incomplete without a cited source of information
2. to label a quotation which lacks a citation

IP search[edit]


<ref name="name or number">[link] text</ref> or just <ref>[link] text</ref>



if the same ref name is used again the reference will have the same number but be named abc etc

to just add a foot note, leave the [link] out, just insert text.


See List of circulating currencies [A] for how to create "notes" seperate from references.

{{ref label|insert-name|A|A}}


:{{note label|insert-name|A|A}}


A The page received a top award for its importance.

Other Wiki sites[edit]

  • [[:wikinews:Article name|article use]] links though to the wikinews pages - e.g. Prince Edward
  • [[:de:Article name|article use]] links to the German wiki - e.g. Team Sparkasse
  • [[:wiktionary:Article name|article use]] links to the dictionary - e.g. derogatively




This article is about {{{1}}}. For {{{2}}}, see [[{{{3}}}]]


To force a table of contents to appear use __TOC__

No contents[edit]

"_ _ N O T O C _ _" typed as "__NOTOC__"

Contents on the right[edit]

{{TOC right}}

To use on Category pages[edit]

Use one of these on pages whose title begins with "Category:".

Alphabetical lists[edit]

What to type What it makes
{{Category TOC}}
{{Category TOC|numerals=no}}


Forcing a break[edit]

Stops everything linking together, use
<br style="clear:both;"/>

or to clear the left side only
<br style="clear:left;"/>

Indented Block Quote[edit]


For quotations within body of article

: to Indent

to Indent

:: etc



{| valign="top"

  • a
  • bb
  • ccc
  • ddd
  • ee
  • f
{| valign="top"

  • a
  • bb
  • ccc
  • ddd
  • ee
  • f
  • g
  • hh
  • iii
  • jjj
  • kk
  • l

See Template:Col-begin

 * a
 * b
 * c
 * d
 * e
 * f


Meta:MediaWiki User's Guide: Using tables

{| border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5
| This
| is
| a
| '''table'''

This is
a table
{| border="1"
|+ The table's caption
! Column heading 1 !! Column heading 2 !! Column heading 3
! Row heading 1
| Cell 2 || Cell 3
! Row heading A
| Cell B || Cell C

The table's caption
Column heading 1 Column heading 2 Column heading 3
Row heading 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Row heading A Cell B Cell C


  • {{reqmap}} to request a map to be added to an article.

Deleting self generated pages[edit]


Hidden comments within code[edit]


To add a comment within any code, place between these markers
use <nowiki> </nowiki> if required


this will not appear on the page but will be visible when editing

Interesting Pages[edit]

Links to recent new pages which assits google to find them - All New: 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Orphaned: 500 1001 1501



The template {{unsigned2}} is useful for copying and pasting from the edit history, where the timestamp appears before the username. {{unsigned2}} also automatically adds the (UTC) at the end.

Wikimarkup Resulting code Resulting display
{{subst:unsigned2|date|user name or ip}} {{subst:unsigned2|23:59, 1 April, 2006|Example}} — Preceding unsigned comment added by Example (talkcontribs) 23:59, 1 April, 2006


Wikipedia:Image markup

Wikipedia:Picture tutorial


  • Symbol keep vote.svg [[Image:Symbol keep vote.svg|20px]]
  • Symbol support vote.svg [[Image:Symbol support vote.svg|20px]]
  • Symbol oppose vote.svg [[Image:Symbol oppose vote.svg|20px]]

Symbol support vote.svg Symbol unsupport vote.svg Symbol oppose vote.svg Symbol neutral vote.svg Symbol keep vote.svg Symbol delete vote.svg Symbol opinion vote.svg Symbol comment.svg Symbol possible vote.svg Symbol question.svg Symbol merge vote.svg

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Crystal Clear action reload.png Crystal Clear action stop.png Crystal Clear action up.png Crystal Clear app Volume Manager.png Crystal Clear app access.png Crystal Clear action back.png Crystal Clear app business.png Crystal Clear app clicknrun.png Crystal Clear app games.png Crystal Clear app home.png Crystal Clear app internet.png Crystal Clear app lassist.png Crystal Clear app mp3.png Crystal Clear app shutdown.png Crystal Clear app sipphone.png Crystal Clear app softwareD.png Crystal Clear app utilities Blue.png Crystal Clear app utilities.png Crystal Clear app web.png

Crystal Clear app ktip.png Crystal Clear app starthere.png Crystal Clear action build.png Crystal 128 forward.png Crystal 128 back.png Crystal 128 up.png Crystal Clear app cache.png Crystal Clear app vcalendar.png Crystal kbackgammon engine.png Nuvola apps flashkard.png Padlock.svg Wheelchair symbol mailto 02.svg Nuvola mimetypes source.png Nuvola mimetypes source css.png

Magic words[edit]

This page's name is User:O1ive/Useful Stuff

  • {{FULLPAGENAME}} will give User:O1ive/Useful Stuff for this page
    • {{NAMESPACE}} will give User for this page
      • {{BASEPAGENAME}} will give O1ive for this page
        • {{SUBPAGENAME}} will give Useful Stuff for this page
    • {{PAGENAME}} will give O1ive/Useful Stuff for this page


  • {{H:title|hovering your mouse over|written text, underlined}} will give written text, underlined

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