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As of Sunday, 23 October 2016, 22:17 (UTC), The English Wikipedia has 29,358,659 registered users, 121,916 active editors, and 1,281 administrators. Together we have made 855,003,678 edits, created 40,598,373 pages of all kinds and created 5,268,768 articles.

About me:[edit]

I am involved in digital archiving, publishing, research, instructional technology, and writing projects. I contribute to Wikipedia articles in art, philosophy, theory, literature. I like to improve or create articles on contemporary artists, galleries, authors, publishers, gender theorists, and concepts in art and philosophy, as well as on activist movements, labor and labor history, current events, and topics in gender and identity. I am also keenly interested in adding pages on archival documents, collections, and exhibitions. More recently, I've been interested in adding content on medicine and health, LGBTQ topics, Feminism and Women's History, public policy, copyright and information policy and current events because I think these are some of the most high-impact pages on Wikipedia. I've also been more interested in being an active participant in WikiProjects in the past year.

I am the former Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council, and co-organizer of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thons from November 2013–August 2015. I am an organizer of the Wikimedia LGBT group, and was a Program Officer responsible for session curation at WikiConference USA 2014 (May 31st-June 1st).

Eyebeam, NYC, February 2014
Guggathon, October 2014

Contact me:[edit]


As a Wikipedia editor, I'm hoping to get more into administrative tasks, and working on the Wikipedia:Backlog pages.

Some articles I have worked on: Shigeko Kubota, Bruno Munari, Arthur Rothstein, Ernst Jünger, Mariko Mori, Lucy Lippard, Wages for housework, Clarice Lispector, Gilded Age#Art, General Idea, IRWIN, Maggie Nelson, Anne Carson.

Some Pages Created: Jef Geys, Lucy Skaer, My Father (Shigeko Kubota), Yale Union (YU), Oregon Jewish Museum, Leo Baeck Institute, New York, East Art Map, New York Earth Room, Arnold Kemp, Frank Báez, NY Art Book Fair, American Art Association, Frederick Mortimer Clapp, Lloyd J. Reynolds, Feminism in Mexico, Timeline of LGBT history in New York City, Sampson Starkweather,Printed Matter, Inc, Bernadette Corporation, Ulrike Muller, Clifford Owens, Eduardo Navarro, Paul B. Preciado, List of Brooklyn Public Library Branches, List of New York Public Library Branches, List of Queens Library Branches, Bruce Hainley, Digital Labor, Gulf Labor, Showtime (busking), Litefeet (dance), Immaterial labor, Testo Junkie, Neapolitan Novels (series), Janette Becerra, Dorothée Dupuis.

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