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As of Wednesday, 22 August 2018, 06:04 (UTC), The English Wikipedia has 34,296,436 registered users, 120,767 active editors, and 1,209 administrators. Together we have made 851,307,873 edits, created 45,634,556 pages of all kinds and created 5,702,271 articles.

About me:[edit]

Hello! I'm Dorothy. I am a current PhD student in Communication at UC San Diego. I started editing Wikipedia around 2012. I write Wikipedia articles on topics in the realms of art, philosophy, cultural theory, literature, archives, labor, identity, and health. I am the former Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council. I was a member of Wikimedia NYC and a Program Officer at WikiConference USA 2014.

Eyebeam, NYC, February 2014
Guggathon, October 2014

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