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Obscure Author, also known as Morgan Hardy, was born in Camden, Tenn. on May 17, 1980. He attended Camden's public schools until his graduation in 1998; shortly afterward, Hardy won the National Beta Club's 1998 National Convention Creative Writing Award. He went on to attend Murray State University, graduating with a degree in print journalism and history. Hardy wrote for two daily newspapers while in college, and became known for his feature articles that provided insight on rural life and issues in northwest Tennessee and western Kentucky.

Today, Hardy writes and edits freelance articles for Journal Communications Inc., a custom magazine publisher which produces community magazines for 100 communities across the United States for chambers of commerce, stretching from the Tech Valley in New York to West Los Angeles. He continues to write feature articles for other publications such as Tennessee Home & Farm, the official publication of the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

In addition, Hardy writes poetry and contributes in his spare time to Wikipedia, writing articles that no one else could possibly care about. He does this in the hope that in the future, Wikipedia will become a true hive-mind, where participants are neurally linked and automatically upload their observations to create a human network of instant communication, exponentially increasing the production efficiency of the entire human race. Then, Hardy theorizes, it might even be possible that the human race could approach communion with God on a near-equal level as it is able to instantly process and retain information.

Unsurprisingly, he is single and has no children.

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