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Occy213 (better known as Occy, or Occsters) (born August 07, 2000 in Louisville, KY at U of L (Health Sciences Campus)) is a Wikipedian that has signed up in Oct 05, 2012, known for creating the WZ2523 article at the time of her sign up. She is most active on the Steam Community as "Occsters". The Steam app that she uses the most is Spiral Knights, while the one she made less time is Skullgirls. She is currently 14.


  • She has been a Spiral Knights user since August 16, 2012. Her hiatus on there was between c. November 2012 — July 01, 2013, for unknown reasons.
    • Her user page on its wiki there is here, using the same name she uses on Wikipedia.
  • She was a former alumni of Clarksville Middle School (Indiana) until November 05, 2012. She was an alumni from October 2011—November 5, 2012.
  • She is revealed to use 7 as an operating system.
  • Her Wikia page is here., contributing to wikis since October 2011.
  • Her birthday is the same as the same day as said deviantART opened its doors (August 07, 2000), simultaneously turning the same age (e.g. August 07, 2012, Occsters turn 12, dA turns 12, among her twin sister, "Kaz")
    • Speaking of Occy and her twin, they share the same occupations, though her twin left deviantART in early 2013 for unknown reasons. They were first seen in 1999, but were both born in August 2000 however. They were the "ones born on the millennium".
  • Despite hailing from Kentuckiana, she mostly uses the "YYYY.MM.DD" format, aswell as a 24-hour clock along with it.
  • Her sister Mikayla was born exactly 1 month after Columbine.
  • For things such as her relatives and other stuff, see Others