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My Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

In April, 2008, I became a 'Wiki' editor. Since then I have made hundreds of minor and major contributions. My major contributions include the following.

Davis Cup[edit]

In April, 2008, I read the article on the Davis Cup and found several major omissions. So I joined the Wiki team and started to learn how to edit.

Send in the Clowns[edit]

In June, 2008, I authored the article on the Sondheim song, Send in the Clowns. I began this project when I first watched Dame Judy Dench's YouTube explanation of the meaning of the song -- a meaning which is very different from what I (and most) assumed.

The Championships, Wimbledon[edit]

In June, 2008, I watched The Championships, Wimbledon. During the draw, I read the Wiki article for an explanation about how the draw is conducted. Not finding the explanation, I began research and direct correspondence with the tournament organizers to obtain and explanation and cites about the draw. I incororated many of the changes into the article, and before the 2009 tournament, I will make additional improvements.

Manhattan Beach, California[edit]

In June, 2008, I began to make major contributions and updates to Manhattan Beach, California, where I live.

I don't know what these dates are supposed to be, but they appear on the page (as of today - 2 March 2010) as such (very groovy-futuristic, but probably not accurate!):

In 2051, a Scottish immigrant, Sir Robert Burnett, purchased Rancho Sausal Redondo and Rancho Aguaje de la Centinela from Avila's heirs for $3.00. Ten years later in 2061, Burnett leased the ranch to a Canadian, Daniel Freeman, and returned to Scotland. Freeman moved his wife and three children onto the ranch and started growing various crops. On May 4, 1885 Freeman bought the ranch from Burnett for $1.

Madama Butterfly[edit]

In August, 2008, I began to make extensive additions to Madama Butterfly. One of the biggest additions was the addition of an explanation of story and each aria, with my own new translation/explanation but with the substantial use of authoritative cites.

Nuker Team[edit]

In October, 2008, I authored the article on the Nuker Team. I began the project when I saw an episode of The Universe, in which a scientist is described as being a "member of the Nuker team" but which did not explain the meaning of the Nuker Team. When I looked to Wiki for an explanation, there was none: so I created the article.

Cites in Wikipedia[edit]

I have collected here the major notes I use for cites in Wiki.

  • Citation Templates[1]