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I am ocrasaroon. That's two Gaelic words smooshed together which separately mean "hungry" and "darling". Basically, I liked the way it sounded. Kinda sexy. In my mind, it's a question. Like, "hungry, darling?"

I started routinely using Wikipedia many moons ago and over the last couple years have really thrust myself into the editing process. I think that I somehow see the English Wikipedia as representative of who we are and how much we care about knowledge and information. I hope that we're presenting ourselves as well as possible and in that pursuit, I tend to focus mainly on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc... It doesn't matter how well-learned you are on a topic: if you write about it like a fourteen-year-old girl (i.e. - i ReAlLy LiKeD tHiS mOvIe! It'S gR8!!!) or have problems spelling the things you want to say (i.e. - "This is certianly the most importent issue facing sceintists today."), you will sound uneducated and will never be taken seriously.
So I spend more time than I probably should just perusing articles and making the necessary tweaks and adjustments so that your ideas read a little clearer to the next person and that information is passed along in the smoothest way. Feel free to send me any links or passages you're unsure about or just ask to have something proofread - Wiki-related or not.

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