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{{sfn|Lopez|2013|p=}} {{cite book|ref=harv|last1=Buswell|first1=Robert|authorlink1=Robert Buswell Jr.|last2=Lopez|first2=Donald S.|authorlink2=Donald S. Lopez, Jr.|title=The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism|url=|year=2013|publisher=Princeton University Press|isbn=978-0-691-15786-3}}

  1. Wikipedia:No angry mastodons
  2. I employ the One Revert Rule aka BOLD, revert, discuss cycle - edit boldly, and if reverted, discuss with the reverter to see if my edits were a good idea.
  3. "Muslim before Moslem" - this tried and true principle is to fix Arabic words and names to Library of Congress standard whenever possible. When in doubt, Muslim is a better choice than Moslem.
  4. I also fix Indic words and names to the National Library at Kolkata romanization.
  5. I also fix Tibetan romanisations to Wylie and the THL Simplified Phonetic Transcription, as appropriate to setting
  6. I ruthlessly apply the guidelines provided in Manual of Style/Islam-related articles. NO MERCY!
  7. I loathe drama. I'm a queer woman, so there's already enough bloody drama in my life, so down with drama.

We remember you, Nish.