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There have been discussions on the Foundation mailing list recently about how to retain editors and attract new ones, and one of the issues raised is the insane way we apply our rules. Of all the rules craziness we find on WP, the image processes really are the worst. I wish we'd do something about it as a community, instead of allowing a small number of editors to drive everyone else up the wall, then criticizing people who react badly to it. I'm currently being told I can't use a photograph of a London tourist plaque in a featured article—a photograph kindly taken and released by a Wikipedian—because of something called freedom of panorama. I won't link to the discussion because the person who raised the issue means well. And this is the problem. Most of us mean well, but by relying on increasingly byzantine rules, or laws we don't understand, we've forgotten how to use common sense, and the result is a website guaranteed to be a high source of frustration to most human beings. I wish we'd focus more on how to tackle that, because it's going to be the thing that kills us.

20:45, 2 March 2011 (UTC), [...]