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I am Jamie.


My English, meta, quote and commons accounts are my only active Wikimedia accounts. Any others are impostors or a different Ohnoitsjamie. breath


WARNING!!!. Yes!!! I was busted by the F.B.I. (with intelligence assistance from Interpol). NSA rapelled through a skylight into my hilltop mansion, and, after a protracted firefight and fisticuffs, took me into custody and transported me to a forced labor camp deep in Siberia. After enduring 3 months of hard-labor (making crafts), I escaped by disguising myself as a hunk of bauxite and hitching a ride on a passing mining vehicle. Thankfully, I was able to access my Swiss bank account via concealed telecommunications equipment and bribe the local consulate to give me Russian citizenship (and the key to the city). After returning to the US, I resumed deleting articles and taking bribes. The F.B.I. can't touch me because I invoked diplomatic immunity and the 21st amendment. When things get a bit dicey, I edit from my vacation home. Whoop whoop!

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