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This page is mostly for my own personal reference, so go away! :)

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Adminny stuff

Old revision of Academic studies of Wikipedia
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Find sources template for talkpage: {{notice|{{find}}}} also {{refideas}}

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More: mw:Help:Magic words

To-do list for OlEnglish/Todo list:
User:OlEnglish/Todo list/post it
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Other examples[edit]

Example of archiving using {{dead link}}, {{wayback}} and the archiveurl= parameter

Example of biblio style referencing, another example

Example of a bibliography article

Example of a repeat IP vandal talk page

Example of a shaded list

Neat use of sisterlinks template

NORP - soft-redirect to Wiktionary

ISO 8601 - YYYY-MM-DD standard

GA noms? - Apatosaurus


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Star of life2.svg Hi, my name is OlEnglish and I'm a Wikiholic.

or a wikipedianist but not a wikipediatrician nor a wikiphiliac

and I practice radical fundamentalist extremist militant Wikipedianism. See Book of Jimbo chapter 00 verse 27 (00:27)

What's recursion? Did you know that I contributed to Did you know? that I contributed to Did you know that I contributed to Did you know that I contributed to....

Example of the {{Asking}} template:

  • Trivia question #1: Do you know the answer to this question before I ask it??? - Answer
  • Trivia question #2: Why??? - Answer



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The butcher backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.



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-- OlEnglish ...yes?

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-- NuEnglish (no relation)

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Icons for any occasion[edit]

More graffiti[edit]

Category:Text color templates

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ <-- butterfly! (oooh)

۝ <-- open mouth?

<-- A snowman!! yay!

女性器 ;)


WikiGnomes live in the of articles. Wikidragons: ()

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Section break[edit]




TESTES. TESTES. 1... 2... 3??!


 · {{dot}}

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COLUMN STYLES -----> inside <-----

For scrollbox reflist:

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no pages or subcategories


NON-WMF External links can be formatted as an internal wikilinks, See Meta:Interwiki map. See also [9], and Template talk:Wikia#External instead of interwiki links


Interesting.. Here's what the original Speedy deletion criteria used to look like:

New users used to have to introduce themselves: (we should revive this)

Guess the idea didn't take off after the Essjay thing..

Old Signpost articles

A 'delayed' interwiki link (via a tour of Wikimedia sites) I'm actually surprised this works:

Use for sources: learn this:

Old "Wikipedia:Miscellaneous deletion" pages: deletion&namespace=4 Wikipedia

Wikipedia:Alphabetical list of Wikipedians - has a large interesting history

Wikipedia:Wikistory (Sentence) - ditto.. userfy?

Vip Wan Rinkle?

Quaquas grow in QwaQwa quacked Queequeg,

Category:Wikipedians who create stupid categories about themselves

Funny ext. links[edit]

Funny mirrors[edit]

Used to have an entry on Sexopedia somehow.. dead link now:

My intro text used to read funny on this page, since changed:

Strange mirrors

Misc lists[edit]

Ok.. I've been coming across so many absolutely horrible South Asian related articles (mostly geography) that I've decided to start listing them here. Bad grammar and atrocious spelling aside, these articles are usually chock-full of peacock terms, and blatant wikipuffery. Some words to watch for: "Eminent", "Foremost", "Glorious", "Illustrious":

  • and edits like this: [10] need I say more?

Possible candidates for WP:UNUSUAL? (or funny names, or just more of my silliness):

See also: Wikipedia:Unusual Collaboration of the fortnight

EPIC deletion debates (or just ones I think are interesting to read):

Move requests:
See also: - All the biggest AfDs

Favorite scientists (no particular order):

Favorite composers (in order)
  1. Chopin
  2. Beethoven
  3. Debussy / Ravel / Saint-Saëns / Satie (basically just French composers in general)
  4. Tchaikovsky / Shostakovich / Mussorgsky / Rimsky-Korsakov (most Russian composers)
  5. Vivaldi
  6. Liszt
  7. Robert Schumann
  8. Mendelssohn


Great compositions, and some of my favorites


Favorite film score composers


My favorite most beautiful captivating actresses of all time that I'm infatuated with


On adminship: Ever since I became an admin I've come to dread the 'yellow bar of despair'.

Some excellent quotes I found (from other Wikipedians and relating to Wikipedia) that I really liked:

  • "Unsourced is not the same thing as unverifiable."
  • "A challenge to unsourced statements should be based on good-faith doubts about the verifiability of a statement."
  • "If my browser blocked all sites except Wikipedia, there's a good chance I wouldn't notice for hours, if not days." - From User:Faerie Queene
  • "I have repeatedly seen users hounded off the project by editors who are willing to go to great lengths to have their way." - User:Durin
  • "Don't worry about making an article perfect. Just make it better." - User:Joyous!
  • "Again, that is why new editors need to bee steered towards editing existing articles rather than creating new ones. We can't blame them for creating crap if they have little to no feel for what type of article we want to retain in the project. How this project works now is like a big empty parking lot, a bunch of brand new cars being unloaded, and people who have never driven before are being given keys and told to go park without error." - User:Tarc
  • "Our work together here should be our armor, not some sharp, angry, burning sword." - User:ArglebargleIV

And finally.. my own personal 'quote of day':

"Wikipedia is bigger than you and your watchlist!" - OlE '09


I Wikipedia! aww

My favorite Google Doodles: [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]