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A list of reasons why Wikipedians stop editing. This information was taken from messages left on their respective user and talk pages, as well as the WP:Missing Wikipedians list. If you do not wish to be listed here feel free to simply remove your name, or you can email me and I will remove it for you.

  1. Too busy
  2. Burned out
  3. I give up
  4. Dispute
  5. Issues in real life
  6. Policy disagreement
  7. Lack of cooperation
  8. Wikipedia has changed
  9. Wikipedia overrun with cruft
  10. Admins seemed rude
  11. Copyvio battle
  12. Disagreement with Wikipedia's SOPA blackout (see [1] for example)
  13.  Additional information needed

User Reason
-- April Too busy
Abu badali Policy disagreement
Adamsan I give up
Alex756 Policy disagreement
Amarkov Wikipedia has changed
Amcaja Too busy
Anonymous anonymous Too busy
Apollomelos Too busy
Ardenn Dispute
Ark30inf Lack of cooperation
Audude08 Dispute




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