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Draft reply[edit]

  • The table seems too long, and it's hard to find my way around in it.
  • The table seems odd broken up into separate tables under country headings
  • Only the American tables needs the jingle column. Would it look alright to remove that column from the other countries' tables?
  • Is there a way to recruit assistance from Wikipedian photographers in the relevant cities? I hate putting links in the photo column; I'd much rather have photos. Also, most of the photos I have are daytime photos, and nighttime photos would be better.
  • Many of these weather beacons were built by companies that no longer exist and are on buildings that have changed names. I'm not sure how to handle that situation (e.g., St. Louis) without getting too messy.
  • Is it possible to express the color codes using colors instead of words?
  • I don't like the state headings on the US table, but it makes it easy to navigate. Is it possible to have a collapsed table, where each state would expand if clicked on? It seems odd when only a couple of rows show up on the screen at one time.
  • What's the best way to handle Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where all the weather beacons are small reproductions of the major one in the city?
  • Is it ok to put ???? where I don't have dates? I know it doesn't look good, but I hope that if they are there, it will let people know that I didn't forget, but that I don't know.
  • Is it possible to use a smaller font or have the table extend to be wider than the screen width?

I think I've tracked down nearly every weather beacon in the world that has ever existed. It's hard to know. I feel confident from my research that absolutely nothing comprehensive has ever been written on this subject. Again, any ideas you have are welcome. SDC (talk) 07:04, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

  • I think it would be fine to leave the jingles column out of the other tables.
  • The best bet for getting pictures is probably to ask at the relevant WikiProjects - for example, Wikipedia:WikiProject Sydney for the MLC beacon. I could give you a hand contacting them all, if you'd like?
  • Help:Collapsing explains how to use collapsible tables. I've never used it myself, but if you can't figure it out easily I'll happily attempt to help!
  • Putting a ? for unknown dates is probably fine. If in any cases you know certain dates it was active (say, you found an article mentioning the beacon in 1970 but didn't know how long before that it was made) you might want to write 'before 1970', in the manner of dates of birth and death.