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Me and mathbot

I am originally from Moldova and a native speaker of Romanian. I am an applied mathematician by training; I work as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. On Wikipedia I am primarily interested in mathematics articles.

I am a Wikipedia administrator, here is the log of my administrative actions. I will be happy to help with tasks requiring administrator privileges, like, for example, page moves over redirects.

I can be contacted by writing on my talk page, or (for faster response) by email.


Wikipedia and me[edit]

I started contributing to Wikipedia in November 2004. I like Wikipedia because it allows me to pursue things I enjoyed even before, but never all in the same place. Those are mathematics, socializing, writing/explaining things, and Perl programming.

I wrote a few articles and made some pictures (see also some plaudits). Currently I have much less time for Wikipedia than I used to; I do mostly small copyediting changes, sometimes anonymously.

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